10 Tips for Losing Weight after 30

Your body isn’t the same once you enter your 30s. It is not as young and fit as it used to be, hence you need to take better care. It becomes a little harder for women in their 30s to lose belly fat.  If you have just entered your thirties or are about to, here are a few things you must know for a healthy lifestyle and do check out these tips for losing weight after 30.

weight loss after 30

1. Start with detox water: Since your metabolism tends to slow down with age, you need to include detox drinks into your life. Start every day with a glass of detox water to flush out the toxins and burn excess fat. Also, every once in a while you can drink a weight loss drink before bed so that it cleanses your body from within while you’re fast asleep.

2. Protein-rich breakfast: Whether you want to lose weight or maintain it, do not skip your breakfast at any cost but make sure you go for a protein-rich, healthy breakfast. Try to add egg whites, peanut butter, oats, cottage cheese, Greek yogurt and other such nutritious foods to your breakfast. A good breakfast will ensure that you don’t feel hungry every now and then and will prevent unhealthy snacking.

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3. Add Black Coffee to your routine: Black coffee is loaded with antioxidants and amps up your metabolism like nothing else. Every once in a while, ditch milk and opt for sugar-free black coffee. In fact, have it right before your workout and see your energy levels spiking.

4. Do not forget cardio: Cardiovascular exercises 4-5 times a week are must to keep your body active and fit. Apart from keeping your weight under control they ensure good health of your heart, which is beneficial for you in later age. Plus, we all know how necessary cardio is for weight loss.

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5. Do not forget to lift weights: Let me start off by saying that weight training is not your enemy and you cannot bulk up like a man without excess steroids and hormones. So don’t worry and opt for weight training. Weight training is a great way to burn excess fat and keep your skin from sagging. You will notice quicker changes in your dress size with proper weight training. Just start with light weights and opt for heavier ones as you progress.

6. Count your steps: This is the right age when you should start counting your steps. Your aim should be to take 10000-20000 steps a day if you wish to see results such as body toning and weight loss. Download a step counter app or buy a pedometer to assist you.

7. Limit alcohol: If you don’t drink daily, it’s great for your body and I am sure you already know that. Heavy alcohol consumption can increase body fat, especially around your belly area. So if you love your belly and don’t want it to grow, please give up drinking. Your drinks are just empty calories which hinder weight loss. An occasional glass of red wine is perfectly fine, though.

8. Cut down on Sugar: The biggest benefit of cutting down refined sugar is weight loss! If you consume an insane amount of sugar, the body will convert the glucose from sugar source to fat and store it for later use. By cutting down sugar, you will not be providing the body fuel for fat storage (glucose) and with strict exercise and diet routine, you would be able to shed weight really well and get your dream body and goal weight quickly

9. Sleep at least for 8 hours: Get enough sleep during the night because spending too much time on the phone at night, binging on TV shows, can all disturb your sleep pattern leading to slow metabolism, increase in hunger hormone (ghrelin), decrease in fullness hormone (leptin), increased cortisol level leading to fat storage, and decreased insulin sensitivity. Follow a strict sleep schedule, avoid using phone late into the night, and finish your last meal before 7 pm to get better sleep.

10. Stop Eating Food off your Kid’s Plate: If you want to strictly count calories, stop eating leftovers from your kid’s plate. It’s one of the reasons most moms put on weight and are unable to shed any weight. Keep a food journal to weed out extra snacking, and it includes eating the remaining food from your tiny tot’s plate.

At the end of the day, just enjoy your life and take weight loss as a lifestyle change. Don’t be too harsh on yourself and try to nourish your body. Starving will only make you crave more food, so opt for occasional cheat meals to satisfy your taste buds. Remember, you won’t be able to see any changes in your life or weight until you enjoy the process. Enjoy every activity you do and lead an overall active life.

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