10 Tips for Online Lingerie Shopping

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Online shopping is super convenient for the busy beauties of today. However, shopping for lingerie online can be pretty challenging and we often struggle to find the right fit and size. In this post, I will share 10 tips with you all that will make the process easier for you guys.

10 Tips for Shopping Lingerie Online

Find the Right Size

Finding the right size for ordering lingerie is very important. Use a measuring tape to get your measurements correct. You can ask your sisters and friends to help. Use the calculators online to enter your measurements and get the right size.

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Do Your Research

A T-shirt bra won’t go well under your gown. There are right fits and types for every outfit. First, try to understand your needs. For example, if you are looking for everyday bras, pick the ones that go well with undershirts, T-shirts and kurtis. They need to be comfortable and preferably non-wired. If you want one to hit the gym, pick a sports bra. Do your research to know which bras go well with a certain outfit. You can find such information on the website too.

Take Support or Help

Often understanding the right fit for your body or the type you need for your dress is tough. The websites often provide online chat support for this. Take the help whenever you feel confused. They can assist you in picking the ideal shape and fit for you.

Go Through Details

All details regarding the material, padding, and wiring are mentioned in most websites. Go through the details carefully. Understand your need and then make a purchase. Some cannot wear wired bras at all. For some, a padded bra is a must. Do not pick a bra just because it looks fancy and chic.

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Purchase More than One Size

Getting the right one at the first go can be a problem when you are shopping online. Pick 2-3 that are close to your measurements. One of these will be the perfect one and then stick to that measurement for the rest of purchase.

Look Out for Discounts

Online stores often provide discount coupons when you sign up for their newsletters or share their links with others. You can totally utilize the benefit and gain maximum points to avail discounts. Many brands provide discounts on your birthday or during festivals. Shop around such times for maximum benefits.

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Buy Fresh Pieces Too

We love sales and there are sales at online lingerie stores too. While it is okay to pick sale stuff for regular use, you should buy a few from the fresh collections too. The sale products are at times a little defective. You may not prefer wearing them for your birthday bash or wedding day.

Avail Free Shipping

If you have to pay for shipping when you buy one, then grab two items even if you do not need them immediately. Lingerie is a necessity and having backups is always a great idea. Buying more at one go helps you to save some money and you won’t have last moment panic attacks when your favorite bra goes missing.

Check Return Policies

Not all websites have return policies for lingerie. Some take returns but with terms and conditions. Go through them and follow them if you have to return a piece. It is better to try on a bra as soon as it is delivered and if something is wrong, register the complaint immediately.

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Grab Lingerie Accessories

Free straps, pads, hooks and other lingerie accessories are also available on these websites. Sometimes they are available for free with bras and sometimes at discounted prices when you make certain purchases. Grab as many as you can. These allow you to renew your bras and wear them with various outfits.

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