Tips to Put Together a Smart Casual Outfit

Tips to Put Together a Smart Casual Outfit

Generally people associate casual clothing with something that is comfortable but not stylish. The word ‘smart casual’ does not hold any importance or relevance for them. As far as I am concerned I prefer smart casual outfits more than simple casuals. Read on to know the difference between the two.


Smart casual dress is about being well groomed and modish, and looking more put together than a usual casual outfit. It is a little more undone than a typical business casual. The aim of a smart casual wear is to give you a stylish and chic look that is not over the top and which looks unforced.

Mentioned below are few tips that will help you put together a smart casual look with ease.

• Wear a well tailored dress pants that has minimal detailing with a blouse to make a simple yet classic combination for a smart casual wear. Since smart casual wear for ladies is all about showing off your personality, don’t shy away from accessorizing your look with a few statement jewellery pieces.

• Opt for straight cut jeans in dark colours like black, charcoal or indigo those have no tears, embroidery, patchwork and sequins to make them work for smart casual type dressing. Pair your jeans with ruffled, three quarter or nautical inspired shirts. A clutch and peep toe heels will help you look stylishly dressed up. Trouser cut denim styles are another excellent option.


• Avoid wearing tight pencil skirts as they are more suitable for formal than a smart casual look. While going for a stylish skirt or dress pay attention to the length, make sure they hits somewhere in the range of slightly above or below the knees.

• Jackets play a big part when you decide to go for a smart casual look. Opt for a leather or suede jacket instead of their denim counterpart. A leather jacket with dark wash jeans and a cashmere or fine woollen scarf, dressed with boots and with either a fabric or textured handbag is polished yet casual.


• As far as accessories are concerned choose beads over pearls, and a fine knit scarf over a sheer or silk scarf to rock this look.

• Fancy flats can be smart too, but are never as chic as heels. Wedges with minimal detailing, peep toe pumps in a neutral colour and a pair of pointy or square toe knee high boots must have a place in your shoe rack if you want to convert to this type of dressing.

Hope these tips will help you get the desired look.

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