Tips to Reduce Facial Sweating

Tips to Reduce Facial Sweating

Facial sweating, also known as facial hyperhidrosis, is a medical condition resulting in intense sweating on the face, including above the lips, forehead, neck, scalp and nose. In many cases, persistent dripping from the face is recorded even though that person is not involved in heavy physical activity.


There are many causes of excessive facial sweating that have been put forth, though they vary greatly from person to person, like diabetes, obesity, hyperthyroidism, nerve-related disorder, emotions, such as depression, stress and anxiety.

For women who wear makeup regularly, facial sweating can be an annoyance. Although there is no assured cures for this problem, there are several techniques that you can follow to minimize and control the watery mess on your face:

• Avoid the consumption of spicy food as much as possible.

• Drink less coffee, as caffeine stimulates the nervous system and activates sweat glands, and cut down on smoking because nicotine causes your body to release acetylcholine, which stimulates the sweat. Instead, drink more water, which helps to flush out your system and remove toxins.

• Avoid using heavy oil based creams and lotions on face as such products will aggravate your condition. Opt for water based skin care so that your pores are not chocked up by them.


• Adhere to a vegetarian diet rich in fiber, along with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables to deal with the problem of excessive sweating.

• Mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with two teaspoons of raw organic honey. Drink it on an empty stomach, three times daily, before each meal.

• Add dried sage to a cup of boiled water, letting the water sit for at least 15 minutes before you strain and drink it.

• Drink one glass of turnip juice and one cup of sage tea in the morning.

• People vouch for the effect of having a cup of green tea every day to get rid of excessive sweat and even call it a ‘miracle cure’.

• The water extract from wheat grass is an effective home remedy for reducing excessive sweating. One glass a day helps to neutralize acids and dilute toxins and is also a good source of protein, vitamin C and Vitamin B-12.


If you do not get the desired results from the old school methods, then surgical options can also be evaluated. One such option is botox treatment, which aids in temporarily disabling the functioning of sweat glands in the areas where the treatment is done.

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  1. thanks era, i am continuously facing the problem of sweating.. can u please write an article on how to reduce excessive feet sweating as sweating leads to bad odour.

  2. I read your tips on both feet and facial sweating. I would like to wear foundation makeup.
    Do you know of a particular brand to buy.
    I Only wear water based products.
    No feet, underarm, palm sweating. I have already been to a doctor and have tried home made
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