Tips to Revive Dull Skin

How to Revive Dull Skin

A radiant and glowing complexion is what everyone wants. If you feel that your skin is loosing all its charm then, mentioned below are few tips that will help you revive your skin and take it to a new level of luminosity.


Tips to revive dull skin:

• Always use a mild cleanser on your face. Do not use harsh chemical cleansers as they will strip out the moisture from your skin and make it look rough and aged.

• Do not underestimate the power of toning. Toners are meant to remove all remaining traces of oil, makeup and dirt. Always choose a mild and alcohol-free toner. Harsh toners dehydrate skin due to which skin may become oilier. Rosewater is the best natural toner; it helps to keep skin fresh and balances the pH levels. People with oily skin can use Witch Hazel as a toner.

• No matter what type of skin (dry, oily etc) you have, you need a moisturizer to pamper your skin. A moisturizer protects your skin from the harsh environment and keeps it looking soft and glowing. Always use a moisturizer according to your skin type.

1. People with dry skin types should use a heavier, oil-based moisturizer that contain glycerin, dimethicone and hyaluronic acid and also important vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin C.

2. People with oily or acne-prone skin types should opt for water-based and noncomedogenic products that contain Alpha hydroxy acids like glycolic acid and lactic acid, tea tree oil, grape seed oil, aloe vera gel or jojoba oil.


3. People with combination skin should also opt for a water-based moisturizer which contain vitamin A, retinols and alpha hydroxy acids.

• Exfoliation is as important as cleansing in a skincare regimen. It is essential to whisk away dead skin cells from the surface of our skin and make it radiant. To get rid of blackheads combine equal parts of baking soda and water in your hand. Rub gently in a circular motion on your skin for 2 to 3 minutes. Rinse with warm water. But one should not go overboard with exfoliation as excess exfoliation will harm the delicate facial skin.

• Deep clean your pores by taking steam atleast once every two weeks. Facial steaming helps to unclog the pores by sweating out impurities. Place a wet hot cloth over your face for five or lean over a bowl of hot water for the same effect. You can add few drops of essential oil like tea tree or lavender oil for added antibacterial effects.


• Always wear sunscreen, even in winter, because skin–damaging UV rays are out there all year ’round. Try an oil–free “faces–only” sunblock or look for sunscreen in moisturizers and makeups.

• Keep your skin hydrated with water, drink atleast 8 glasses of water everyday. Also, pay attention to what you eat. A diet rich in whole grains and proteins help promote collagen growth, which is the component of the skin that provides elasticity. Include millet, brown rice, lean meats, carrots, beans and whole wheat to boost your skin radiance from within.

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11 thoughts on “Tips to Revive Dull Skin

  1. I am following these tips religiously other than last one 🙁 have tried drinking 2 litres of water but not able to consistently do so everyday! got to improve on that

  2. Nice Tips!! I really want to thank all you guys for making nice tips available for ppl like me (stupid in terms of makeup, taking care of skin, health etc). I have been following this blog from last approx 6 months and now it is a part of my daily routine except for few days when i have lotttttttt of work to finish.
    Gud luck guys…..great effort…..keep doing it….. 🙂

    1. i had severe sinus in my late teenage.. i used to take steam at least once in a month.. infact my skin was more clearer then.. so at 25 it wouldnt be a problem i think so.. but dont overdo it..

      1. Thanks Shami 🙂 will follow this once a month. what is the process like we should take steam after face massage & before applying face pack ?

  3. wow Gr8 tips
    can blackheads be removed lyk dat??
    really :O how regularly I must do it??
    n only soda n water is enough??

  4. Religiously following all tips Era & Ya I can see the difference on my skin. Earlier I never paid attention but now I must say little care can give you best results 🙂

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