12 Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings while Dieting

Anyone with a sweet tooth would agree how hard it’s to fight the temptation to snack on sugary delights, but for someone on a diet and trying to lose weight, indulging in sugary treats can mean piling of calories, gaining of pounds, instead of losing some. Snacking on sugar-loaded delights frequently and whenever the craving hits is one of the main reasons why people are unable to reach their goal weight even after trying hard. In this post, we list out tips to fight sugar cravings while on dieting. But before we begin, let’s find out why sugar cravings are bad news for weight loss and health in general.

Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings while Dieting

Why Sugar is Bad for your Health and Weight Loss?

Sugar is a major reason for inflammation in the body which puts your body at risk to develop life-threatening diseases, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Excessive sugar in the body also damages skin and leads to premature ageing. Sugar is highly addictive and it’s not easy to give up on sugar, but refined sugar can increase free radicals in the body, cause rapid weight gain, and make it difficult for you to lose weight. Read more about how sugar can negatively effect your health in this post.

What Would Happen if you Stop Eating Sugar?

  • Excess sugar triggers a lot of undesirable chemical effects which can cause headache, hormonal changes, insulin resistance, diabetes, and above all, fat storage and eventual weight gain. Once you stop consuming sugar, you can notice these changes in your body.
  • Your Skin Would Glow and look Younger: Cutting down sugar will have an amazing reaction on your skin because insulin spikes caused by high refined sugar in the body causes inflammation of skin which leads to premature ageing, wrinkles, acne, and uneven skin tone. If you want to look 10 years younger, then the first thing you should do is eliminate sugar from your system.
  • You would sleep soundly: it’s hard to fall asleep and have a goodnight’s sleep when there is a high amount of sugar running in your bloodstream. So, cut down the sugar and sleep tight guys.
  • Lose Weight: By cutting down sugar, you will not be providing the body fuel for fat storage (glucose) and with strict exercise and diet routine, you would be able to shed weight really well and get your dream body and goal weight quickly.
  • Prevent Life-threatening Diseases: Cutting off sugar completely from the diet will automatically reduce your risk for life-threatening diseases such as cancer, heart disease, stroke, hormonal disorders, etc. When you eat sugary goodies, the insulin level rises in the body and it eventually leads to high blood pressure, inflammation. High blood pressure can lead to diabetes, heart attack, stroke, etc. Sugar also raises triglyceride levels (bad fats) in the blood which are also responsible for heart attack and stroke.
  • Reverse Insulin Resistance and Pre-Diabetic Situation: Low sugar means the constant state of insulin spikes in your body will decrease and your body will be able to regulate and utilize glucose better. Insulin resistance is a condition where the body produces insulin but the cells do not use it properly and there’s an excess of glucose always in your bloodstream. With zero refined sugar, you can reverse insulin resistance and the pre-diabetic situation effectively.

Tips to Fight Sugar Cravings while Dieting:

1. Munch on a fresh fruit: The best way to fight back sugar craving is by picking up a fresh fruit – any fruit, whether it’s apple, pomegranate, banana, and even pear can help tame the sugar rush without you feeling crap afterwards, which would be the case if you decide to pick a candy or doughnut instead. What’s more, fresh fruits are loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and the precious fiber, which would help you to actually lose weight. So, next time turn to an apple, not to a doughnut when sugar comes calling.
2. Eat your grapes like candy: If the craving is intense, let’s make some candy out of fresh fruits – and the best fruit to munch on is candy. Here’s a secret – freezing intensifies the sweetness of grapes – so at just 67 calories per grape, you are getting a lot of sweetness.
3. Dark chocolate is good: Chocolate is what most people on diets dream of! But chocolates that are often available in the market come loaded with sugar, which can actually reverse your weight loss progress. Instead pick up a bar of dark chocolate which has a considerable amount of antioxidants too.
4. Homemade protein bars: Lose weight, get a good dose of protein, and satisfy your sweet tooth – all at the same time – how? By making your own protein bars with instant oats, peanut butter (without added sugar or salt), coconut milk, and protein powder. Mix everything together, refrigerate, and cut them into bars, and snack on.
6. Peanut butter with apple: This is the healthiest snacking option – slice up an apple and enjoy it with a tablespoon of peanut butter, it’s one of the most delicious and healthy options that you can try and you get fiber from the apple and healthy fat from the peanut butter.
7. Banana smoothie: Though it has its own fair share of calories, but it’s a healthy option nevertheless to sugary treats. You can find the recipe for a lot of healthy smoothies on Rati Beauty diet programs, do check them out.
8. Munch on healthy nuts like walnuts, almonds: Gorging on a handful of nuts would give you a good amount of fiber, healthy fat, vitamins and minerals – your favorite candy or sweet can just give you calories.
9.  Get your sugar fix with dry dates: A dry date can not only push back those cravings, it can give you loads of energy and essential minerals like iron, potassium, and even fiber.
10. Sweet potatoes are good carbs: Boil some sweet potatoes and relish them because you might be running low on cars and sweet potatoes are a source of good carbs.
11. Chew fennel seeds: The sweet flavour of fennel seeds will kick back your need to reach for sugar. It would also improve digestion and helps satisfy your sweet tooth.

12. Drink more water: And that’s because when you run low on water, the body finds it difficult to release stored glucose and that’s when you crave more for sweets. Up your intake of water because a little extra water is never going to harm you.

Also, do manage stress because a lot of people latch on to sugary stuff when they are anxious or stressed out. Hope these tips would help to fight off sugar cravings and help you lose weight in the process.

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