Tips to Follow During Holi

by Nancy S.

Hello ladies,

How have you been? Holi is just around the corner 🙂 . I am eagerly looking forward to it, it is such an enjoyable festival. So many people from different backgrounds and walk of life come together and celebrate. People have already started buying colours and balloons; and are ready with all the tricks they are going to try on their friends and families hehe 🙂 . On the day before Holi every year I help my mother with the cooking of gujiyas, malpuas and other yummies; my mouth always starts watering thinking about them 😛 . A bit of hard work is involved before the festival similar to any other, but in this one a bit of hard work continues even after the celebration. Now this hard work is removing the colour and stains from our face, hands, hair and everywhere else. Most people have to go out the very next day, and you don’t want people to know which colours you played with do you? The colour bordering your hairline and eyebrows, and gracing you ears and nails, it does not look good. It’s even more embarrassing if you have a work related meeting. Today I will share some tips which will help reduce the hard work of the after days of Holi. 😀

tips for holi

Preparation before Holi

• Massage your whole body with coconut oil, my mother refers to mustard oil as well, but I for one cannot tolerate the pungent smell at all. You can use olive oil as well, any oil which provides ample moisturization. This prevents the direct contact of the colours onto your skin.

• Wear full sleeve clothes, this goes a long way to reduce the time spent in scrubbing off the colours. Always wear cotton clothes, this helps the body breathe while you are drenched for a long time. Synthetic and denims are not so easy to carry off for such occasions.

• Oil your hair liberally, yes make sure even your scalp is oiled; this is one day when it is okay to go out in all chameli and an oily getup. Also it is okay because you will be all wet as is, so it won’t matter as well. This will stop the colours from staining the hairline strongly.

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tips for holi

• Put a minimum of 2 coats of thick or bold coloured nail polish, which provides complete opacity. This won’t allow the nails to get stained.

• Always use natural organic colours; these are easy on the skin and environment. Synthetic colours are harsh on the skin, they tend to take away the moisture and many people face fresh bouts of acne and pimples because of it.

• Make sure you stay hydrated because the chances are you will lose track of the time. I always do hehe 🙂 and then at the end I finally realise I’m so thirsty and hungry. Don’t binge diet; make sure you eat properly because with the strenuous celebrations and haywire diet routine you may feel the affect the next day.

• And stay away from that special thandai. You certainly don’t want to hear embarrassing or funny stories about yourself, which you don’t remember any part of. You can taste a little, no harm in that 😛 (chipa k pina).

tips for holi

Tips for After Holi

• Don’t use any hard soap on your skin; this will damage your already sensitive skin. Use soap with normal pH like Dove.

• You can also use an ubtan or home-made scrub. Mix 2 spoons of besan with 1 spoon of curd and a pinch of turmeric. Use this for mild scrubbing and then go for a luke warm shower.

• You can also use raw potato slices or cubes and rub them on your skin to get the colour off.

• For hair also go with mild shampoos, chances are you have to use them once more.

• I always go for a hair-enriching mask, which contains banana or egg-white. I use this after making sure there is not much colour left on my hair. Otherwise, the hair becomes so dry and limp.

tips for holi

• Remove your nail polish and give an oil massage to your hand and feet.

• Remember to brush your teeth and give them a good rinsing, pink or green stained teeth are so not cool.

• Drink more water, after playing for a whole day, you will be pretty tired and dehydrated. Also, make sure to eat light in small amounts and have refreshing drinks at regular intervals to combat the ensuing lethargy.

These tips will hopefully save up a lot of time and energy as well. If you have any further tips do share in the comments below. 🙂

Hope you all have a great and a colourful Holi 🙂

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16 thoughts on “Tips to Follow During Holi

  1. Great tips Nancy I always used to scrub my daughter after holi with the ubtan that you mentioned when she was a child. 😀

    1. thank you so much for the reading the article, i think most of the kids must have gone through that ubtan phase 😛 i still remember when i was young and my mother used this scrub i thought k this must use for hair removal as well hehe :), it ws bit painfull hain na..?

        1. I have tried this ubtan for hair removal in my school days but it was painful even than waxing 😀 happy holi to you and your family too dear 😀

    1. But try it once for sure, it is such an enjoyable experience, you wont forget it 🙂 nevertheless Happy holi to you and your family 🙂

  2. I so miss playing Holi! :/ Great tips! I used to follow most of the tips back when I used to play with my bldg friends! 🙂

    1. Aww..!! I can understand, holi has changed with time na, it was so fun playing with all your friends at the same place 🙁
      happy holi to you, hope this year its even more fun 🙂

  3. Very nice tips Nancy…even I apply oil all over but I still somehow the colors remain at some places…once I had a flight to catch the same night of holi..the air hostess was wishing everyone good evening and to me she said “happy holi mam”… Colours were still there on my face!! So embarrassing! 😀 😀

    1. ya i know 🙂 all those colours hihi, try the homemade scrub , it will help surely. 🙂 happy holi to you bhawana 🙂

  4. It is such a nice feeling, people sharing their memories and moments 🙂 I am loving every bit of this 🙂 🙂

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