5 Tips to Look Good Instantly

If you have a sudden party? ? Inspite of your busy work schedule how will you refresh your skin and look your best. Here are some of the best and quick home remedies that will work wonders for your skin in this hectic partying season.

Look Good Instantly

1. Yogurt:

Put a little salt in a cup of yoghurt and massage your face, body, neck , hands and feet. Leave it on for five minutes. And take a bath (without using a body wash) . Believe me, this works like a skin polisher and you can see an instant glow on your face. I’ve been using this since a very long time. This one is my favourite 😀

2. Papaya:

Papaya is another wonderful thing to impart you that instant glow. Take a small piece of papaya .You need not mix it with anything else. Massage gently on your face in circular motions for about 3 min and leave it on for 15 min and then wash your face with normal water. It’ll take away your tan, dead cells and keep your skin silken soft.

3. Cucumber:

Take a small piece of cucumber (without peeling the outer skin) and gently massage on to your face and neck for 3-5 min. Leave it on for few min .Then wash your face with normal water. It acts as a good cleanser. You can notice a fresh face instantly.

4. Tomato:

Slice a tomato into half. Apply it to your face with a gentle massage (you can mix it with honey too). Leave it for 15 min and then wash your face. It’ll take away all the tan and gives you that instant glow.


Take a spoonful of honey and mix a half cup of fresh milk in it. (You can mix it with same amount of lime juice if you have oily skin) . Apply this mask on your face. Remove it with a wet cotton ball. You can see the amazing results.

Hope you like them. Take care.

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