Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants

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With the onset of summer, we all love to bring out the whites in our wardrobe. Light colours are like automatic mood enhancers and coolers in this hot weather. Invariably the white pants also find their way out but because of number of clauses attached to them, we often rethink as to wear them or not. A pair of white pants has the ability to make you conscious of the smallest details you would otherwise overlook. Tell me which other pant or jeans would make you think about which underwear should be worn or where you can sit. If you have a kid, I am sure that will be the last item you would want to wear. Adding to these problems, we find ourselves looking fatter in white pants unlike our black or other darker denims.

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants

Even though these pants are high maintenance, we cannot deny the fact that they are versatile. You can wear it to the beach and the same pair of pants can be worn for official meetings as well. I’m therefore listing a few tips to help you slenderize even with the white pants on.

1. Choose The Right Underwear
Wearing white underwear beneath your white pants? No…Do not do that. The visible line underneath your pant will only add to the bulk. Go for skin coloured, sleek fitting hipsters instead.

2. Choosing The Right Fabric

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants

Avoid wearing white pants with thin, flimsy fabric. They will just add to your woes. Try the thicker cotton blends instead to hide those lumps and bumps. Often the visible pocket lines in finer fabric make you look heavier. Selecting a fabric which hides those pocket lines is something you would want to consider.

3. Selecting The Right Cut

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Fabric

If your legs and thighs are a little on the heavier side, avoid skin hugging whites which add further to your volume. A straight or flare cut is far better an option to look into. A cut which goes straight down from your hip like palazzos or a trouser in a good summer friendly fabric gives you the right dimensions and hides your problematic areas as well.

4. Keep An Eye Out For White Denims

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Right Cut

White distressed denims work wonders in summer. White denims in thick stretchy fabric with the classic five pockets combination give you that sleek, slenderizing effect.

5. Selecting The Right Top

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Distressed

White is a neutral colour and that is exactly why you can go ahead with tops in bold colours and prints to draw the attention towards the upper half of your body. Go ahead and experiment with off-shoulder tops, or bling tops and let those white pants take a back seat.

6. Opting For Longer Tops

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Top

If you are really conscious about your white, almost see through pants, just wear them with a long tunic or a flowy kaftan top to eradicate the problem completely. Wearing the right fitting long top with not only hide your fears but also give you a sleek look

7. Head Towards Heels


We all know how heels help us instantly look taller and slimmer. Heels and white pants would fit like hand in gloves. Teaming up your white pants with white/nude wedges, kitten heels or higher, will help you elongate the pant line and you will be in love with your outfit without any second thoughts. Always remember to keep your posture straight. A slouch will only make you look bulkier in your otherwise great whites.

8. Monochrome Also Helps

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Tone on Tone

Tone on tone shades (in this case white) from head to toe, helps you look taller and slimmer as well.

9. High-Waist Trick

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants High Waist

High-waist pants are trending big time. So why not capitalize on the opportunity. High-waist pants give an illusion of longer legs which in turn help you look slimmer

10. The Good Ol’ Boot-Cut

Tips to Look Slimmer in White Pants Boot Cut

Skinny or tapering cut pants draw attention towards your hip and thigh areas, adding more volume. A slight boot-cut or flare works like a dream to balance out the heavier regions of your body and gives you an overall leaner look.

Hope these tips will help you get rid of your pet peeves and you can now wear your white pants with much more confidence and ease.

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  1. Super post Rakhi. I am such a sucker for white pants in summer but really didn’t pay so much attention to the detail. You have broken down every detail with so much clarity. Totally loved the post!! :))

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