5 Tips To Make Your Unwashed Hair Look Presentable

It’s 6 am and the alarm is buzzing relentlessly on your phone, all you want to do is throw the phone into an endless soundproof vacuum, but you can’t do much. You end up snoozing the alarm for ridiculous amount of times and finally give up in vain, you have to wake up and walk groggily to the bathroom to get dressed for that 9 am lecture. You look at the clock, the fact that you have overslept SCREAMS in your face and your hair looks like an unwashed heap of mess. Boy oh Boy what are you going to do? Fret not, follow these 5 steps and be ready to dash out of the house, without you looking like a sleepy head.

Washed Hair Presentable

1. Braid those locks:  Could not be a best time to wear a braid during the day. Wear the classic braid, or look absolutely chic with the super easy fishtail braid. Not only are braids easy to wear and reduce the overall time of us getting dressed, they also hold better on unwashed hair as compared to freshly washed hair. Make braids your go to hairstyle for those over cramped mornings, when you time is precious and you cannot afford to be late.

2. Change the parting:  No way better to hide those greasy, unwashed hair than changing the parting of your hair. Swap your parting for the day, when you are losing out on time and have a deadline to meet. This cheat trick will add volume to your hair as compared to the your flat tresses and show the slightly cleaner side of your scalp and hair.

3. Top Bun:  Super trendy, super cute and the saviour for your messy locks. A messy top bun saves you loads of time on those days you need to run for your academic life or work life. Simple and extremely easy to make, just wrap your hair round and secure those locks with a hair tie and pull a few strands out for that extra chic look.

4. Clean bangs are just an illusion:  Washing a part of your hair is much better than washing your whole hair. Especially for ladies you have long tresses like me.  The front of your hair is always slightly more greasy and messy than the rest of the hair on your head. Tie the rest of your hair back and make good use of that wash basin or hand shower to wash and clean the front of your hair. Clean bangs give you the perfect illusion for the rest of your unclean hair. Easier to wash and faster to dry.

5. Dry Shampoo your way through:  Ladies, every other girl here in London swears by this product. I am not a big fan of it myself, hence why I rank it last in my list :P. Nevertheless, people call this a magic product. A dash of it underneath those thick locks and near the scalp, will help dry up and absorb the greasiness. Fairly simple to use and the quickest way to achieve fresh hair.

5 Tips To Make Your Unwashed Hair Look Presentable

Give these quick tips a go, when you are on a run and look presentable as you step out of the house. Let me know in the comments below, your favourite go to hair saviours on those days when you can’t just push your self to wake up.

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  1. Just to add in the list, I have a tip as well. Put on some talcum powder into a clean socks and fold it. Now just dab this folded socks on your scalp esp. close to forehead. This trick will add volume and soak up the oilyness of the scalp… and guess wat..**tantana**…

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