Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!

By Surabhi Pisal

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Orange is quite a warm colour. It does not have saturated blue or red undertones like red colour (for red lipstick). A bold pout looks hot especially in the warm months. This makes orange lipstick perfect for summers! I consider orange lips to be one of the most elusive makeup looks. I wanted to buy an orange lipstick since long, and I purchased the Colorbar Velvet Matte Lipstick – Obsessed Orange after reading a lot of positive reviews and I am totally in love with it! I always feared that this shade won’t suit me, or it might make me look funny or maybe like a clown! But, after researching a lot on how to wear this shade perfectly, I am confident enough to carry this shade with confidence and yes, this shade does look hawt on me!! 😛 Read further to find out how you too can carry this lip shade without any inhibitions!

Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!6

Choose The Right Shade

Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!

There are various shades of orange lipsticks that differ a bit from one another. Some have yellow undertones while some have coral or peachy undertones. Make sure you pick up the right shade of lipstick depending on what suits your face (here, complexion) choosing the wrong shade can make you look a bit darker and even pale at times.

Complement with Minimal Makeup

Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!3

Many will agree to this. Bold lips go hand in hand with minimal makeup, and this looks fresh and modern. Give your mascara, eyeshadow and blush a miss and see the difference. You may use a clear mascara to enhance your eyes and use just a single stroke of your favourite kajal or kohl and you are good to go!

Prepare Well

Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!1

Believe it or not, nicely prepped lips create a lot of difference to the way your lips look post the application of an orange lipstick. Exfoliate your lips with a lip scrub or give your lips an overnight treatment by liberally applying beeswax or Vaseline. This will make your lips smooth and soft and will ensure that your lip color gets applied evenly. Also, exfoliation will help get rid of dry patches and prevents the lip color from looking odd.

Try Teeth Whitening

Tips to Pull Off Orange Lipstick Like A Pro!5

As the colour orange has a yellow pigment to it, it will just accent the yellow in your teeth. If you have yellow teeth, it will worsen the condition. You can try this simple home remedy to whiten your teeth: mix baking soda with lemon juice and use this to brush your teeth for 1-2 minutes and wash. This will whiten your teeth and can be done weekly for long results.

Focus on Application Technique


Bright lipstick shades look unprofessional or rather awkward if they bleed or when applied incorrectly (teeth stain). Make sure you use a lip brush or lip liner for the professional and neat look. I suggest using a lip liner of the shade closer to your natural lip colour, and blending it with the lipstick (applied using lip brush) with gentle inward strokes. Lip liners of the same lipstick shade can also be used.

With these easy tips, you can definitely rock your favourite orange lipstick with ease. If you were in two minds whether or not to use an orange lipstick, go running and buy one! So darlings, now you know you will look amazing with the tempting citrus colour, go ahead and BE amazing! Knock them dead! 😀

Go Be Beautiful :*

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  1. I too was apprehensive about orange lipsticks but then I started applying with lip liner. It looks amazing. Just loving it these days. 🙂

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