9 Tips to Tackle Bad Breath

Hey girls, how are you all doing? Today, I am going to talk about a very embarrassing issue – bad breath. Whether ours or someone else’s it could create a lot of awkwardness. Here are some tips to combat it!

Drink Water Regularly
One of the main reasons of the foul smell is dryness for a long time. So, make sure to drink water regularly. Saliva helps in getting rid of the germs that create bad breath, so make sure your mouth cavity is rinsed regularly or drink water regularly so that mouth cavity does not get dried for a long time.

Brush and Floss Before Bed
This is of utmost importance. We sleep for around 5-8 hours, so if we don’t clean our mouth after dinner, the food stuck in teeth remains there the whole night. This attracts germs which cause foul breath in the morning and can lead to cavities as well.

Clean Not Just Your Teeth
Make sure not just your teeth are cleaned. Clean your tongue and the area between your cheek and teeth as well. We generally forget to clean these areas, these places possibly reside the germs as well, little cleaning goes a long way to increase health and hygiene.

Drink Water Before Sleeping
Drink one glass of water just before going to sleep. I do this and have seen a lot of changes in my morning breath.

Rinse After Every Meal
Make sure you rinse thoroughly after every meal or snack. This ensures that the food particles stuck in the crevices of teeth are cleared.

Have Fibrous/Fleshy Fruits
Include fleshy fruits like apple, oranges, water melon in your diet. These fleshy fruits actually act as scrubber for your teeth; you must have often felt that your teeth feel cleaner after having any of these fruits.

Keep Flavoured Gums Handy
Sometimes, when you are up for an important meeting – professional or personal or just casual, you do need an instant save. And, the flavoured gums come in very handy here.

Include Citrus Fruits In Diet
Increase the amount of citric fruits you have daily, like lemon/lime or oranges. The citric acid controls the germs present in the mouth which can lead to foul breath. Also, include yoghurt in your diet as well.

Keep Cloves or Cardamom Handy
Tips to Tackle Bad Breath3

Include these in your tea recipe. These are always available in your kitchen stash, and we all know about the antiseptic properties of these wonder spices. They also add a good smell to our breath. Try adding these to your black tea; prefer green tea as they are very rich in antioxidants which are great for overall goodness.

Avoid Dairy Products/Alcohols/Cigarette

Avoid dairy products, especially as the breakdown of lactic acid can add to the off smell. Drinking and smoking also gives that stale smell to the breath to try to avoid them as much as possible.

Go Low On Sugar/Junk Carb Intake

High sugar or junk carbohydrate leads to the breakdown in the mouth cavity itself. If mouth is not cleaned properly after the intake of sugar and junk, there will be deposit in the crevices of the teeth, which act on the gum and teeth leading to foul smell and plaques as well.

Control The Intake Of Garlic And Onion

We all know that garlic and onions has a way to speak for itself in the form of breath! So, make sure that you don’t have anything with strong garlic base before some meeting.

Visit Dentist Regularly

Tips to Tackle Bad Breath

This is very important. Do maintain regular visits with the dentist, this will prevent any problem growing into something severe. If foul smell does persist then do visit a dentist.

Hope you guys found the tips useful. Have a hygienic oral health and smile to the fullest. 🙂

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  1. Bad breath is probably the biggest turn off for me.Great tips Nancy. I absolutely love cardamoms and always keep some in my bag.

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