Tips to Wear Liquid Lipstick like a Pro

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Liquid lipsticks are a rage these days. Every beauty junkie is drooling over the recent Kylie Jenner’s liquid lipsticks and I am yet to get my hands on them. Most of the liquid lipsticks set to matte finish after a minute or two of application and then last all day long. That’s why liquid lipsticks are being raved out. The longevity, pigmentation and finish with perfection are of top-notch standards when it comes to a liquid lipstick. But, to wear it like a pro, you need some tips so that you don’t suffer dry, patchy and parched lips beneath your favorite liquid lipstick.

liquid lipstick

1. Exfoliate your lips

exfoliate lips

That’s a must; do this initial step if you’re planning to rock a liquid lipstick for the day. As we know, a liquid lipstick sets to a matte finish; therefore it becomes necessary to exfoliate lips before applying it. You can either use your toothbrush very very gently to get rid of dead skin from your lips, or you can use a DIY lip scrub for the same.

2. Intense moisturisation

lip balm application

After you have removed that dead skin to get a smooth canvas for your liquid lipstick, you need to hydrate and moisturize your lips. This is important to make your lips appear full and healthy. Without this you will have unattractive fine lines which will make your lips look aged. Also, you will save yourself from painful cracked lips because most of the liquid lipsticks don’t promise hydration and moisturisation.

3. Line your lips

lip liner application

To play the liquid lipstick game like a pro, you must have a lip liner. Unless you are an expert, it’s hard to get a precise lining of the lip-shape with the applicator of your liquid lipstick. Line your lips with an exact or a similar shade of lip liner to prepare an outline. Then, filling in your liquid lipstick will be very easy. This will also increase the stay of your lipstick.

4. Create a 3-D effect

3D lips

If you are a fuller pout lover you may need this tip. Just a liquid lipstick might be very flat for your liking, so to create a fake fuller plump lips effect, you will need a 2 shade lighter liquid lipstick (color family should be same as base lipstick). Apply it on the centers of upper and lower lip to create a flattering 3-D effect.

5. Keep makeup remover and q-tip handy

correcting errors

Don’t worry if your hands are shaky and you make a mistake with your liquid lipstick. Just dip a q-tip in your waterproof makeup remover and correct it. This will help in getting that perfectly painted lip.

6. Pop thy lips

popping the pout

If you want your lips to be the center of attraction for the day, take your concealer (or a lighter concealer) and apply it around your lips. Set it with a powder and see how your lips will steal the show. Also, if your lips have a very reddish or deep earthy tone to them, dabbing concealer before you apply a very light shade of liquid lipstick will help it pop without washing you out.

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