Tips and Toes Mineral Compact Review

Hey angels,
I’m so not a mineral makeup lover or user. But the mineral makeup business today is flourishing. So I also tried out mineral makeup for a number of reasons. One for being Non-Comedogenic. I already have tons of make up but can’t use them in such hot season so I went for a little shopping. A little overall coverage for my skin, and something to control shine in this hot climate we live in. well I ended up with Tips andToes Mineral Compact a Shingar product. I really wanted something that I could carry with me in my hand bag to the college and classes, and as everyone was getting mad for minerals and minerals, I also jumped in mineral and minerals haul. It comes in four shade selections which lean more towards the fairer, paler realm of makeup users. Mine is sea shell.

The box says:

tips and toes
tips and toes

Use Tips and Toes Mineral Compact gently across the face and neck area with the sponge applicator,
Apply the compact with a wet sponge applicator to get a flawless finished look on your face. Best suited for nightwear Make-up.
Enriched with Mineral. Maintains the PH & Moisture balance of the skin.
Blends easily with the skin tone.
Non-Comedogenic, Non-Allergic and Fragrance Free, Suitable for all skin types.

The case

tips and toes
tips and toes

The company web site says:
How to Use? TIPS & TOES Mineral Compact is enriched with Minerals & Moisturizers for Healthy Glowing Skin. You can use TIPS and TOES Mineral Compact in 2 ways i.e. Compact as well as a Pancake. A dry Sponge application is best for Daytime Make up whereas Wet Sponge Application is best for Night time Make up. Gently apply the TIPS and TOES Mineral Compact all over your face covering your hairline and neck area to get the even natural flawless look.

The cake

section 1
section 1

The sponge part

base section
base section

The sponge applicator


My take on tips and toes mineral compact:
It is a lightweight and silky smooth with a super blend able formula. It applies like a dream leaving behind a flawless look. The formula isn’t pigmented but it manages to even out your complexion and works at creating a good working canvas for makeup. Although it has some seriously great features it sadly failed to become “the one” for me. I wasn’t so happy with the product when I went out in sun. I was on call for around 15-20 minutes standing outside the mall, after the call only thing I could notice was my touch screen wearing my makeup. I was disappointed to see it didn’t even stayed for few minutes in sun. But it did work very nicely in the night. I can use it only in winters I guess, or some night parties.

Pros of Tips and Toes Mineral Compact:
• Those with oily skin may find the joy here.
• Not a very costly one
• Gives very nice finished flow to skin.
• Non-comedogenic
• Mineral makeup is light, and therefore you can build it to whatever coverage you want – light, medium of heavy.

CONS of Tips and Toes Mineral Compact

• Like I said above, there were some not-so-pleasant side effects after a few minutes of wearing them
• Looks somewhat caked in hot weather
• No ingredients mentioned so I can’t say that it contains Bismuth Ox chloride and Mica or not.
• Both the above mentioned chemical not good for skin.

Will I buy it again? I will try the street wear one next.

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  1. Sugi, more than the review, i was looking at your nails in all the pics, too bad one of them was broken 🙁 such pretty nails u have …oops i mean u had :))

    1. they r history now… anyways my mom happy now…. because i used to sit all day with nail polish doing nail arts.. my fav time pass..

      1. Am happy to hear u have gotten over them :teddy: :teddy: :teddy: ur mumma had to go to Punjab na, aunty gaye?

        1. haan… bahot buri halat ho rakhi hai ryt now meri… just to get tym to come on imbb main subah jaldi uthi so that kaam jaldi khatam kar saku

          1. Awwww…. :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: :puchhi: doesnt matter sugi, aunty will be bak soon and think of the pink rasgulla’s which will come for u :drool:

            1. shivani my exams r from 10th, tym hi nai mil raha to study… mommy coming back on 2nd…. :violinbash: :violinbash: :violinbash:

              1. Koi ni sugi, sab acha acha ho jaega, dnt wry much bout the exams, u still have around 18 days to go, am sure u will rock :teddy: :teddy:

  2. Thanks a lot for reviwing it, I was dying to buy this now I wont you see, maybe I will buy revlon one!

    1. Taps, my friend is using the revlong colorstay aqua mineral loose powder, she loves it to bits….its awesome cool and yet gives a decent coverage, does nt feel heavy and it has spf 13 also …. this is what she says, that costed her 1100…. try that one.

  3. oho..soni…..nice review ji……..I must look for this one….tips and toes tho I have found nail polishes only mostly :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:

    1. but soni…………no pancake or compact would hold on for 20 minutes…you should see how the Oriflame one melts….this sounds better to me :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

  4. the case looks so cute na 😀
    but if it becomes cakey in hot weather then definitely not for my oily skin plus humid climate will make it more unsuitable 🙂

  5. cant find tips and toes anywhere :headbang: :headba :headbang: :headbang:
    so just dont know how these are

    lovely nails! :))

  6. i luved the packaging.. both metallic 1 & the cardboard box tooo :whistle: .. nice long nails dear :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

  7. Tips and Toes was like the poor relation of Lakme when I was in school. Great to see that they are back with a bang and that too with products like mineral make up! I love mineral stuff, but its hard to get over my tips and toes prejudice!!! Anyway going by your review I will give this a miss.

  8. m so sorry to reply late.. :(( . u c my mom is not haome and i got busy with the home work and classes and bai didint came :yikes: :yikes: :yikes: :yikes:
    …. m glad u guys likeed my review O:)

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