Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue Review

Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue

Hi everyone,
Today I am sharing a matte blue eye pencil from Tips and Toes. I reviewed the pink one for you all sometime back. The unusual, different colors of the radium eye pencils range tempted me to pick up a blue pencil too. They have mostly matte shades, ranging from pink, blue, orange, green, yellow and white. Read on to know more.

Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue
Product description
Radium Eye Pencils are formulated to provide rich, consistent vibrant colour.
They are comfortable to apply and sharpen to a fine point to allow for a precise application.
These pencils can be used to create a sharp line or a softer, smoky eye shadow effect.


The pencil body and the cap is matte black in color and the pencil is made of wood, the wood colour of the pencil looks like dirty yellow not very appealing to me. The pencil has to be sharpened. The name is printed along the body of the pencil in silver. The end of the pencil has a demarcation of the eye pencil color, which will help you in finding colors easily if you have more than one of them.

Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue2


The color of the eye pencil is a bright blue, to describe it better, it is a Rin soap bar blue :P.

Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue3

Texture and pigmentation

Texture is not creamy but does not feel dry too. It is medium creamy and does go quite smooth on eyes.

Staying time

I really did not expect it to stay more than 2 hours, but it stayed on me for 3 and half hours but the pink lasted more on me.

Pros of Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil – Blue

• Packaging – the demarcation of colours at the end is helpful for identification of colors easily if you have more than one.
• Pretty different color range – If you want to try different colored eye pencils than the usual ones, you can easily buy them as they are pocket friendly.
• Glides quite smoothly and gives good finish
• Good pigmentation
• Did not cause any allergy reactions – some affordable eye pencils cause irritation.
• Affordable


Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil Blue swatch

Cons of Tips & Toes Radium Eye Pencil – Blue

• I wish it lasted little more like the pink eye pencil.
• May be availability – tips &toes counters are not widely available.
• Some may find the unusual colour range a con.

IMBB rating


Repurchase and recommendation:
No, I already own two of them, I want to try something new now. I totally recommend it to you for the price and if you like the color and don’t mind the staying power.


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