Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider Review

Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider Review

Hi everyone,

I am back with another lip product review. This time, it’s the Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick in Cider.


We all know that this particular brand has been a part of our lives since the time our mommies were college goers. I have fresh childhood memories of my mother always carrying a Tips and Toes lipstick in her purse.  So, when one day, I was shopping at a mall, I saw their counter and went ahead. I must tell you that this is my second Tips and Toes lipstick from this range. The first one that I had was called Fleur. I simply love that lipstick. I will review it here someday.  Since I was blown over by the first one, I had to try another from this range, but this time, I was hugely disappointed.


150 INR.

Product Description:

rati beauty ad
  • Inviting colors that keep your lips lustrous and gorgeous.
  • Smooth and even application.
  • Enriched with vitamin E to keep the lips soft and moist.
  • Available in 30 dazzling shades.

Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick - Cider 2

My Experience with Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider:

Firstly, the packaging is very cheap. Its golden colored plastic packaging is not very sturdy, I must say, but for the price that I paid, I was not bothered about the packaging. They don’t provide a list of ingredients also. Now, coming to the color, when I asked the SA to swatch the product before purchasing, she could not do so since they did not have any testers. So, I had to buy the product only by looking at the lipstick without any color verification. It appeared to me to be a very light, nude brown shade with little bit of shimmer, but when I came home and tried it on my lips, it turned out to be nothing of that sort.

Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick - Cider 5

The color pay-off is not at all good. It does not appear to be nude-ish brown, but a rather transparent shade with a gallon of shimmering sparkles. It’s very clumsy with a hell lot of sparkles in some parts of my lips and very little to no sparkles in the other parts.

Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick - Cider 6

The texture is very grainy and discomforting. While applying, I felt as if I am scrubbing my lips with a sand-paper. You know those sand-papers that the carpenter bhaiyas often use to scrub the old furniture 😛

Hand swatch (LEFT one swipe, RIGHT multiple swipes)

Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick - Cider 3

It’s not moisturizing at all. It settles into fine lines and makes my lips look and feel weird. Moreover, these shimmers will fly everywhere on the face and transfers badly. I tried it over another lipstick just to see if it works, but the problem still persists. *_*

It’s not at all handy, because on my second application it just broke off from its base.

Overall, I am very dissatisfied with the product.

See how it got transferred to my upper lip area?


Pros of Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider:

  • Affordable.

Shimmer lipstick

Cons of Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider:

Oh my God, where should I start!

  • The packaging is bad and cheap.
  • The lipstick itself is very flimsy, so unless handled tactfully, it is likely to break.
  • Not moisturizing at all.
  • The color pay-off is not good.
  • This particular shade will not suit any complexion.
  • Too much shimmery, not the kind that I like.
  • The shimmer transfers badly everywhere.
  • Settles into fine lines making the lips look very dry and patchy, even when it’s not/
  • The texture of the lipstick is a turn off.
  • No list of ingredients.

Do I Recommend Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider?

Absolutely not! This shade is an epic fail.  However, there are other shades from this range which are a total paisa-wasool. I will review one very soon.

Will I Repurchase Tips and Toes Starburst Lipstick – Cider?

Never. I will however buy other non-shimmery shades from this range, definitely after swatching them.

IMBB Rating:

1/5 (for availability and affordability). That’s it.

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  1. Hahahahhahaha i was really laughing hard when you said where to start rofl rofl its tooooooooooooooooo much shimmery *pan* *pan*

    1. I felt so bad after buying it. *waaa*
      I could not even return it !!!! So i thought i should share my experience here.
      Now i fully understand the meaning of “looks can be deceptive” *pan* *nonono*

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