Today’s Makeup : Festive Blue Brown Eye Makeup


Hi Everyone, 🙂
Since festive season has started, I thought I’d do a look. It’s an extremely wearable look. Something that you could do very quick but still has that fun element to it. I hope you like it and give it a try. 🙂 For those who are celebrating, wish you all a happy Navratri. 🙂

I got some of the limited edition products from the Bobbi Brown’s City Collection to celebrate 25 years of Bobbi Brown. She has come up with these lovely palettes and lip colors each based on her favourite cities – London, Paris and Newyork. I have the New York Palette and the lipstick from the range. The lipstick is part of their permanent line called Bobbi.That is part of London collection.  I thought i’d do a quick first impression for you all in case some of you might be interested. 🙂 Most of the products in the palette are from their permanent product range only. But it’s easier to get in a palette form. I have used the eyeshadows on two days in a row and they have lasted on me for good 8-9 hours before fading. And the blush has been bang on for good 12 hours. I am not a fan of the lipstick. It has that greyish undertones that I don’t really like. But I’d really recommend and palette and a gel liner. Also, the gel liner I have it on since 11 am today and I am yet to remove my makeup at is bang on strong on my waterline. No fading, no smudging..nothing. And I have pretty watery eyes.

I used an orange eyeshadow called rule eyeshadow as a transition color. Used a dark brown eyeshadow on the lid, medium brown in the crease and the champagne gold in the inner corner. I used the gel liner on the waterline. It’s a beautiful metallic blue liner, a little understated but when someone would notice it, it’s like a little surprise. 😀




Bobbi Brown City Collection New York.
Lipstick : Bobbi (Rs 3,250)
Eyeliner : Union Jack (London) (Rs 1,950)
New York Palette (Rs 5200/-)Eyeshadows : Cream, Metallic Champagne Quatrz (Permanent), Birch, Espresso (Permanent)
Blush Tawny (Permanent)




Swatches :bobbi-brown-anniversary-newyork-palette-swatches


12 thoughts on “Today’s Makeup : Festive Blue Brown Eye Makeup

  1. Wow…you look absolutely stunning…i luv the blue liner and the gold in the inner eye…its a good combo and makes ur eyes pop…did u draw the bindi with the liner? it looks really good…U r truly a diva…u can carry off any look…

  2. Thanks for the quick review Rati! <3 I really liked the palette when i saw it on your Insta – great neutral eyeshadow shades and Tawny is anyways an anytime blush! Im gonna pick this up!

    And you have used MAC Rule so beautifully Rati! Its such a pretty shade but quite intense. You have used it so subtly! Just shows your blending skills! *Clap! clap! clap!*
    Loved the overall look!

    1. yeah i think it’s a great palette and so easy to carry around. i love the colors as well. I am in love with rule. It’s my fav transition color now. But I am going to try it on lids as well. 🙂 Thank you. 🙂

  3. Wishing you A Very Happy Navratri. Thanks for sharing the makeup tips and details. You have kept it subtle and natural and yet so beautiful. Just a suggestion, for all nine days, you should do one look and if possible in trend with the nine colours of nine days. Just a request, you can ignore it but just came to my mind so….. Always await your tips, swatches, pictures and reviews love n regards??

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