Toe Nail Fungus: Causes and Symptoms

toe nail infectionOur feet are the most neglected part of our body even though they are the most important ones. 🙁 We tend to ignore them every time. There are various afflictions and infections which can influence our feet; one of such afflictions is the toe nail fungus which is quite common and also unknown. Here’s an article which will take you through the causes, symptoms and effects of toe nail fungus.

First and foremost, toe nail fungus is a contagious disease.

Toe nail fungus is formed because of lots of tiny miny organisms that infect the nails. These organisms, like all the other fungi, develop in moist and damp environments, and hence they develop below the nail plate. Nail infection can be classified in three different kinds:

• Distal subungual onychomycosis
• Proximal subungual onychomycosis
• White superficial onychomycosis

Subungual onychomucosis also known as DSO basically deforms and discolors toe nails and it is one of the most commonly found nail afflictions. These afflictions are one of the toughest ones to eradicate.

Causes of toe nail fungus

• Toe nail fungus can be an extension to any skin disease.
• Poor nail hygiene plays the most important role in the development of toe nail fungus.
• Hot and humid climate also causes toe nail fungus, since moist air typically favors the growth of fungi.
• Smoking also causes toe nail fungus.
• The toe tips are the most fungus prone nail parts. The fungi starts developing at the toe nail tip and slowly softens the nail, this nail further gets stuck in socks or ill fitted shoes and breaks causing the spread of infection to the whole toe.toe nail infection
• Swimming pools, communal showers are all the places where these contagious diseases spread.
• Excessive exposure to moisture and water can cause toe nail fungus. Specifically if the “U” shaped skin gets exposed to water or moisture, toe nail fungus is bound to occur.
• Sweaty socks and shoes can also cause toe nail infections.
• A toe nail injury may also result in toe nail fungus (This is one of the most painful one cause I guess, ouch). With an injured toe germs can easily enter in and cause infection since the injury lifts up the nail bed giving the fungi a place to thrive.
• Diabetes, bad blood circulation, psoriasis and people who are less immune to afflictions can easily get these infections.
• Age of a person can also decide the occurrence of nail fungi.
• Cutting your toe nails too short may also result in the growth of fungi, since the edges of the nails result in cuts in the skin where the fungi tend to thrive.
• Genes and heredity may also cause toe nail fungus at a certain age.
• Wearing ill fitted shoes which are very tight may also cause toe nail fungi.


• Discoloration of the nail is the very first symptom of nail fungus. It may turn brown, yellow, grey, red or black.
• Flakiness and brittleness is the second common symptom.
• Thickening or softening of the nail plate.
• Nail plate splitting, visibility of white specs, and augmentation of pit marks are secondary nail fungi symptoms.
• Accumulation of debris causes foul smell in the whole nail.
• Loss of nail luster and shine.
• Distorted nails.
• Swelling of the skin around the nail, irritation and pain also indicate growth of fungi.

These are the causes and symptoms of toe nail fungus. Hope they prove to be of use 🙂

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