Tom Ford Eye Color Palette Last Dance Review, Swatches


Claims : The centerpiece of the Tom Ford color collection. Each eye color quad is designed with four opulent complementing shades that achieve multiple looks, from a bold, smokey eye, to a sexy slash of color and everything in between. Formulated with advanced color processes, the four luxurious finishes – sheer sparkle, satin, shimmer and matte – offer a spectrum of intensity and effects and deliver incredible shade fidelity and outstanding adhesion. Two custom applicators included.

Price : USD 82

My Experience with Tom Ford Eye Color Palette Last Dance
This is my second eyeshadow palette from Tom Ford. The first one is Titanium Smoke and it is quite a brilliant one. Although I knew I was picking up a winner already but the colors in the palette were what drew me to this beauty so much. The khaki, the deep olive green, and that shimmery blue… I mean it is one heck of a breathtaking palette. The packaging is gorgeous bronze and gold. I comes with two little applicators. I never bother much about them but they are useful in emergency..just in case. I also personally love palettes because they are easier to carry around. Plus most of them have color co-ordinated shades so you don’t really have to put much brains into working out an eye makeup look. 😀

The four colors in the palette are.
Last Dance Eyeshadow #1 A warm champagne gold. It has a lovely sheen to it. It is very muted so it adds that gorgeous highlight without looking stark. You can wear this eyeshadow on the lid as well with either a smokey corner or just with liner. It adds that soft glow to the lids. Absolutely beautiful. MAC Ricepaper is quite close to this.

Last Dance Eyeshadow #2 A stunning olive green eyeshadow with golden sheen. It’s the dry heena color with gold sheen and I absolutely love it. you can use it as a transition color or an overall wash or even to create a soft smokey eye.  MAC Sumptuous Olive and Loreal Permanent Kaki are good dupes.

Last Dance Eyeshadow #3 A gorregoeus turquoise shimmer. I was blown away by this color. It shows the best when you apply it with a finger tip or with a wet brush. But as a shimmery shadow it is very pigmented. It has a bit of a fall out but once the initial sparkles fall off during the application, the rest of the shimmer pretty much stays intact for good 6-7 hours. It is so pigmented and feels creamy powdery on touch. It has a very pigmented turquoise base that makes the color and even the shimmer really stand out. This eyeshadow is a selling point of this quad, imo. Kiko 408 and Inglot Shine 32 can come close but not quite as well.

Last Dance Eyeshadow #4 A gorgeous deep forest green eyeshadow with a muted khaki sheen to it. For me it’s both an overall lid color and a gorgeous eyeshadow for smokey eyes. You can also create a smokey wing with this one – just use champagne on the lid and use this eyeshadow as a smokey liner. You can’t go wrong there. 🙂 MAC Humid is a brighter version of this.

I am so extremely happy with this palette, I have no words.The colors are so stunning and it’s lovely unique combination of colors thrown in one. At first instance you would not think they’d fit harmoniously with each other but as you experiment, they somehow do. You can do a full glam look with this palette or a soft day time-with-a-twist kind of look as well. The eyeshadows are extremely pigmented with little or no fall out. They blend beautifully. They feel buttery smooth. The shimmery color is a stand out one but unlike other such shadows, the shimmers don’t keep falling off. They are very long wearing eyeshadows. I have worn them a few times and they has lasted for good 8-9 hours on me before fading or creasing. And I have really oily lids…actually the only place on my face where there is natural oil. 😛 Anyway.. 😀 I would highly recommend it to anyone who would like a little break from their neutral shadows but still want to have a bit of fun. Except the turquoise blue shimmery shadow, the rest 3 eyeshadows can easy be incorporated in everyday looks. It is a fantastic deal.
Rating : 5/5

Sephora Wild Khaki Palette has 3 of the 4 colors from this palette. But of course the quality matters and it’s Tom Ford. Plus, as I mentioned the shimmery turquoise is a selling point of this palette and I. I absolutely love it! 🙂





Swatches :tom-ford-eye-color-palette-last-dance-swatches


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10 thoughts on “Tom Ford Eye Color Palette Last Dance Review, Swatches

  1. You look breathtakingly gorgeous!!! This palette seems to be a huge hit with you 🙂 I love your EOTD, I have similar colors in my stash and am going to try it soon! Lots of hugs and love your way 🙂

  2. Wow! That blue is such a stunning pop on your lids Rati! Absolutely fab! Loved it! Yup – one can dupe the shade but you can’t dupe TF quality!

    I wish i had paid attention to the other quads when i was buying Honeymoon. I was just so overjoyed to get my hands on it that i forgot everything else – quite literally…including my husband! 😉 The one quad I’d really love to get my hands on is TF Cognac Sable! I don’t get why they would discontinue their bestseller! on Evil Bay it’s available at $200!!

    1. i know cognac sable is such a stunner esp the shimmery shade. Major drool! 😀 That is why i absolutely dont enjoy LE products as well. they get discontinued and I am left very disheartened. It’s like a heartbreak everytime. 😐

      Evil Bay… i dieddd!! lolll!!

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