Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her Eau de Toilette Review

Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her Eau de Toilette

Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her Eau de Toilette
Product description:
LOUD For Her was created through an open exchange of ideas—a creative collaboration of some of the best talent in music, fragrance, and film. Put simply, it is scent remixed. Fragile, exposed, and tormented, LOUD is a love song amped on adrenaline with an explosive rock and roll rose. It starts out sweetly with its heart on its sleeve—as lychee and a riff on roses gently reel you in. But then a jaded patchouli bassline steals the whole vibe. Tender as an acoustic solo, dark as a bitter love song screeched at midnight, LOUD sings straight from the heart.

Created by perfumers Yann Vasnier and Aurelian Guichard in March 2011, it is available in 40ml and 75 ml sizes on the Tommy Hilfiger website, priced $40 to $52.
Top notes- Rose, Litchi.
Base notes- Patchouli.
Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her
I have a 1.5ml sample spray of this perfume, which I was glad to receive from a Sales Assistant at the perfume counter, since I have owned and liked two Tommy Hilfiger fragrances—Tommy Girl, and Freedom, which was released in the 90’s and which has been discontinued.
Those two perfumes have a classic, clean, all-American, and a universally pleasing kind of feel to them, but LOUD For Her does not.
Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her sample
Tommy Hilfiger has stated that this creation is an attempt to reach out to the younger generation, so I understand that this will be different from the past releases. Hilfiger said that he wanted to give younger audiences something new, but not fake—‘a real rock ‘n’ roll’ fragrance.

I love the way the product description relates music to this perfume, but this is so far from what I’d expect for rock ‘n’ roll in a bottle. First off, it starts with a light, but ozonic smell of lychee. I really like the taste and smell of lychee, but the smell of this lychee is far from natural, and combined with the ozonic note it just gets worse, and unfortunately, it reminds me of the smell of hairspray. Despite the number of memorable big-haired rock bands from the 80s, to me, the smell of hairspray does not equal rock ‘n’ roll.

It does mellow out a bit, and the rose comes out and makes it sweeter and somewhat smoother. I actually kind of like it at this point. It’s feminine and the light mix of lychee and rose make it smell rather summery, pleasant and cool. Sadly, it’s also rather generic. I feel like I’ve smelled this many times before, and not just in perfumes or body sprays but in bath and body products as well.

When patchouli starts to mingle with the notes, it seems to bring out the ozonic quality of the fragrance again, and this starts to smell a bit heady to me, almost going into headache-inducing scent territory. It takes on a masculine quality as well, and while I think the transition from feminine to masculine is pretty cool, I’m reminded once again of another beauty product. The image of men’s deodorant just keeps popping into my head while smelling the perfume at this point. Sorry if that seems harsh, but it’s simply the truth.

To be honest, I’ve been putting off writing this review as this is the first time I’m giving an outright negative review of a perfume, but I’ve tested LOUD For Her thrice and my opinion of it remains the same each time. I don’t know if I would recommend this perfume to anyone—even my husband who likes aquatic and ozonic scents dislikes this. I know we all react to scents differently though, so if you’d like to try Tommy Hilfiger perfumes, I’d still suggest going for Tommy Girl first, then testing this on your skin—you might have better luck with it than I did.

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5 thoughts on “Tommy Hilfiger LOUD For Her Eau de Toilette Review

  1. nice review. I used to have Tommy Girl and liked that very much. But CK One, Tommy Girl all kinda smell the same..In the perfumes, I like Eternity, Pleasures and CK One..

    1. Hey Aruna, thanks! :)) I’ve actually only smelled CK One and not Eternity, but I don’t think it smells the same as Tommy Girl…but they do both smell nice. :))

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