Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner Review

Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner

Hello everyone. I am back with my reviews after a long time. The entire last month was hectic and super busy. Today I am about to share with you my experience with a new hair conditioner. Though I rarely deviate from my usual path of hair care regimen but still I dared to try this one. The conditioner is from tommyguns.

About the product: An amazing shampoo & conditioner which will help to build & enhance both your hair & your confidence! Active ingredients include honey to moisturize the hair in just the right amounts to help leave the hair thicker and revitalized. Blueberry will help enhance the hairs bounce and shine, Ginseng to help boost the hair strength, enhancing volume and texture.

TommygunsBlueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner

Directions of use: After cleansing with shampoo, work conditioner thoroughly through wet hair. Leave in for 1 to 3 minutes and rinse.

Ingredients: Though there is a long list of ingredients I would like to mention the active ingredients:

• Blueberry
• Ginseng
• honey

Quantity: 250ml

Price: GBP 5.50

My take on Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner:

The conditioner is white in color with a typical fruity sweet fragrance. The consistency is thick. It comes in a pale white colored plastic bottle with a flip open black cap. The bottle is very simple in design. The moment you open the cover, you can easily sniff the sweet fragrance from it. After the head wash I towel dried my hair and applied a little amount of conditioner on the hair length. Since I have long hair, the amount I took on my palm was not enough to complete the entire length, so I poured some more on my palm and applied it. After around two to three minutes I washed it. The first best thing I found was, minimal hair loss after the wash. i could see only two to three strands of hair coming out while washing it. So I was on the top of the sky, as my fear of hair loss after conditioning was gone.

Tommyguns BlueberryGinseng and Honey Conditioner

Secondly, after a very long time, I could see the visible results of a conditioner. My hair became super soft to touch. I couldn’t actually resist touching my hair time and again. This effect continued for three days. Though after that I gave a head wash again. But if I talk of its claims of fullness and thickness, I couldn’t find any astonishing results. It did not add any volume to my hair. But yes it did impart strength to the mane and of course the beautiful shine. I have rough hair, not very smooth and sleek type. But after its use, my hair became soft, silky and manageable. After a long time they received their nutrition I guess. 😛

Pros of Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner:

• The fragrance is good and not over the top.
• Consistency is thick which makes its application easy.
• Definitely ads shine to the hair.
• Makes the hair super soft and less frizzy.
• Effect continues for minimum of three days. That is good enough for a conditioner.
• Minimal hair fall after the use.
• Lastly when you have lovely hair, your confidence automatically increases.

Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner

Cons of Tommyguns Blueberry, Ginseng and Honey Conditioner:

• I couldn’t notice any visible increase in the bounce of my hair.
• Not easily available in India.

Would I recommend its use to others?

Yes for sure. If you get a chance to buy this girls, please go ahead.

Would I repurchase?

Without a doubt.

Rating: 4/5 (1 mark deducted for its availability issue in India and not adding a bounce to my hair)

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  1. nice review Megha.. 🙂 when i just lose 2-3 strands it makes me super happy 😀 *happy dance*
    great that it worked for you *clap*

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