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The Purple Spirit Asks:

I have oily skin with large pores and blackheads on and around my nose and chin (aftermath of bad acne during teenage). And now I want to use a toner that will help in its reduction. Please don’t suggest Clinique. I know that’s the best but I’m looking for slightly cheaper options pls.
Thanks in advance!


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    1. is it ok if we dont apply moisturizer after using toner?
      my skin is oily acne prone
      Please name some few toner that dont need moisturizer afterwards

  1. PS…….I have found that the best toner that has worked for me and has stung less….is the Nivea Visage oil regulating toner. :yes: :yes: :yes: The other ones which I have found with less stinging factor is the Avon’s rose toner, Oriflame’s aloe toner. :yes: :yes:

  2. Biotique cucumber freshner works really fine for extremely oily skin.. It reduces pores also. But its on the stronger side. I like it, but if you want some mild ones, don’t go for it..

      1. Same here!! I have been using Biotique Cucumber water toner for last 8 months and I am loving the results :preen: I have oily skin which easily falls prey to zits but since last six months I have seen NONE!!!! :yahoo:

  3. Nivea? I too have the same problem and Vichy Normaderm works well. But since it is not an option for you, Nivea could be good I guess. Have heard good reviews.

      1. when you spray it kinda foams on the cotton pad but i guess its cuz of the pressure only as my fab india rose water also foams on the pad which later subsides
        i cannot use tea tree on my oily/combi skin as it stings me a bit
        so i just alternate between lotus basil tone and fab ind rose water 🙂

  4. hey gals wese me wanna ask does normal vinegar wil do ??? ?:) ?:) ?:) ?:)
    homemade me to i try lemon or citrus fruits se scrubbing at tyms,,, they work well… cucumbers r also good.. n rose water is unforgettable to mention… i’ve super oily skin but wasn’t able to find my HG toner till yet!!! :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle: :struggle:

  5. blackheads – clean and clear daily scrub is really good
    tonner – Nivea Visage oil regulating toner / Neutrogena alchohol- free tonner
    open pores – donno heard Retinal A cream/ointment help minimize pores.

      1. himalaya’s night cream s quite good!though i have oily skin but whenever i apply it b4 bed….the next morning my face looks smooth n fresh….but u need to check for urself…

  6. i have a lil same problem … i use fab india tea tree toner…i have seen a lot of difference in my face texture! hope u find ur type soon….

  7. good query thePurplespirit. I will try the Nivea one too. is Toner absolutely necessary though? can i just do cleanser/moisturizer?

    1. Aruna I myself was only using cleanser and moisturizer but I find with passing age (I’m almost 28 now) I need a toner to reduce my pores and keep blackheads at bay. Im also going to start using a nighhtcream coz good skincare will pay off when we get old. :high5: :high5:

      1. that logic makes sense..btw, me have announced it to anyone who listened that me well into my 40’s :woot: so I think finding the right toner is a must. i must tell u that TBS seaweed toner works quite well too

  8. My vote goes to Witch Hazel (distillate)! It’s about $10 in New Zealand, which is cheaper than most of the other toners here. If you can’t get that, then you should get a toner with Witch Hazel and Tea Tree Oil in it. I have oily, acne-prone skin too and this toner has improved it!

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