Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

I am very possessive about my hair. All I want in my life is my hair’s good health and prosperity! 😛 Around a month back, I realised that my hair care products were making my hair rather frizzy and dry. So, I decided to change my hair care products; also, because I had been using those for more than a year. So, along with a new shampoo and conditioner, I bought this Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops. This was my first product from this brand and I was quite excited about it. What do you think it has disappointed me or has it controlled my frizz? Keep reading to find out! 😉

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review2

Also, I want to mention that while I was waiting for my order to arrive, I went to my hairstylist to freshen up my haircut. But, somehow, when I was getting my hair shampooed, I changed my decision and decided to cut my waist length hair to a long bob. I am not at all a risk taker, but I am super happy with my decision. And, I feel that cutting my hair, for some reason, has reduced frizz and my hair feels more healthy, even on third day post hair wash.

Product Description:

Helps prevent frizz and flyaways for a high gloss finish. Work 2-3 drops between palms then smooth through mid-lengths and ends of dry, styled hair avoiding the roots.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review5

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review6

INR 650 for 30ml, but I got it for 550!

My Experience with Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review4

Packaging: I had not researched even a bit on the product before I got it. I wanted a decent serum that could control frizz and I thought it would serve the purpose well. But, I was kind of sceptical when I open the ochre colored secondary packaging for the serum was inside a glass bottle. Now, I am a person who broke her elder sister’s crazy expensive facial serum’s bottle just a few days back. I knew I HAD TO handle this well.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

Otherwise, the packaging is good. It’s a transparent bottle, so you can see how much of the product is left. And, the pump comes with lock mechanism. The glass is sturdy enough for travel, but people like me can always break it! So, I always keep it safe in my cupboard and in its cardboard packaging.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review1

Consistency: Its consistency is quite thick, almost as thick as castor oil. But, It spreads and gets absorbed like a dream in my hair. Since, it was like castor oil, I thought it would take time to get absorbed or will leave my hair oily, but it just pleasantly surprised me. The directions says to take 2-3 drops, but even on my short hair, that does not seem enough. But, 5-6 drops serve the purpose really well. Love the way it gets absorbed.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review2

Fragrance: I like its fragrance. It is quite pleasant and stays in hair until next wash.

Efficacy: Now, coming to the main thing! I picked this serum because it claimed to control frizz and impart shine. I feel it deserves a round of applause for being so true to its claims. After using this serum, my hair feels and look really polished. I have not experienced even a single bad hair day ever since I have started using it. My hair had only one problem, i.e. frizz and that has been solved! 🙂

It does impart a very natural shine to my hair, but that does not last long. In my case, I don’t mind it, as I wasn’t really asking for that. When I apply to my hair it gets quickly absorbed and like other serums, I don’t have to wipe my hands off as its traces don’t remain between my fingers.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review3

I use it only on damp hair post hair wash. But, for the review’s sake, I used it on my dry, third day hair (in moderation) and it made my hair look quite good. Still, no signs of oiliness. However, I feel, it could look really oily on dry hair of used in excess.

Conclusion: I really like this serum, as you can say by now. For others, it’s just a serum. But for people who have frizz prone hair, this is a necessity. However, it comes with it sets of negative points like the glass packaging and the fact that you get only 30 ml of product. I don’t mind the price for my hair is loving it. But, if you have long and thick hair, you’ll have to use a lot of quantity, especially to detangle.

Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review7

Pros of Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

• Controls frizz until next wash.
• Hair looks more polished and soft to touch.
• Imparts a natural shine.
• Nozzle has lock system.
• Fresh fragrance that is not overpowering.
• Spreads like a dream.
• Does not make hair look oily.
• Can be used on dry hair too, but in moderation.

Cons of Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops:

• Glass packaging.
• 30 ml is tiny quality, especially for people with long and thick hair.
• Travelling with glass bottle could be tricky.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Repurchase Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops?
Definitely. I would like to keep using this one for some time before switching to a better one.

Would I Recommend Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops?
Get it, it is really good at controlling frizz and at imparting subtle shine. It leaves hair soft and touchable. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Toni and Guy Glamour Serum Drops Review

  1. Hi,
    I recently took Tony&Guy Serum Drops. When I was buying it, I was little hesitant about it, mainly after seeing the quantity for the cost.
    But when I started using it, I feel like its worth for our Hair Care.
    I have plain long hair, I tried multiple products, not completely satisfied with any of them till now. (As I am very picky guy)

    My positive aspects about this are :
    -> In my first feel, I loved its consistency; as it is quite thick we can gently spread it in our palms and could apply to the hair without any rush.
    -> Mild fragrance.
    -> Lockable Nozzle.
    -> Requires very little quantity (compared with other serums) to spread to the complete hair.
    -> Immediately we could feel the glow & softness in our hair.

    My Negative aspects, as of now, I could say, is only its cost.

    I have recently started using it, lets me see, if it becomes my favorite.

    As they said, it will cure the splits, as well; lets see if it really cures mine.
    Fingers crossed…. 🙂

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