Toni and Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review

Do you recall the nursery school rhyme- Chubby cheeks-dimpled chin? Well, it had a sweet line saying curly hair-very fair. Well, I have curly hair and they aren’t fair to me, since detangling them gives me a lot of unnecessary volume and makes me lose my curls. And, please let’s not get into those knots and the subsequent loss. It is my constant quest to keep looking for products that can help me detangle and smoothen out those curls sans the breakage. And, guess what Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler had all those words written. Did I need to think twice before picking it up?!

Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review


Suitable for all hair types. Helps condition unruly, frizzy hair for a smoother, more manageable finish. Helps balance hair texture so styling aids go on evenly and work better. Advanced formula is anti-static and helps protect against humidity. Brush the desired amount through the length and ends of towel-dried hair then heat style or air dry hair


Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review

Shelf Life:

30 months from packaging.


INR 650 for 150 ml.

My Experience with Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler:

Packaging: It is a solid white plastic bottle with a firm pump as a dispenser. The product comes out in one pump without any effort or additional pumping. Adequate amount of product is dispensed with no spillage. However, there is no option for the pump to get locked, so the bottle may not be travel friendly. But, again it has a firm pump and I did not face any issues with travelling.

Product: The product is transparent and a slightly denser than water in consistency. But, once you rub it in your palms, it turns watery and will run everywhere unless you apply it immediately to your hair. The smell is pleasant and vanishes after maximum 30 minutes. I prefer both the consistency and the vanishing smell.

Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review

Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review

Usage: The bottle instructs to comb a walnut sized amount through damp hair then heat style or let hair dry naturally. I do not follow these instructions as you should not comb damp hair and my locks will be lost immediately! I naturally dry my hair up to 70-90%, take two pumps for each half of hair(I have below shoulder length hair) and gently run my palms through my hair. I try to coat my hair with the product and run my fingers through the natural curls.

I am writing this review after exhausting 90% of the product. So, it comes after lot of experimentation on very wet, wet, almost dry to full dry hair days. Oh and of course, days on which I use conditioner and days when I do not.

So here is my summary:

1. On my ‘Right Out Of The Shower, Towel Squeezed Hair’

While rubbing, this product becomes slimy between my hair and water. I run out of hair to wipe my hand clean! And, hair is back to its notoriety on drying. Does not help me this way.

2. On ’70-90% Air Dried Hair’

Works best in this case as I see visible smoothing as well as softening of the curls. I don’t attempt detangling at this point, since curls will be lost. Just helps in taming my mane.

3. On ’70-90% Hair Drier Dried Hair’ (wow a new tongue twister!)

I would need an extra pump to control all that fluff that comes along with hair drier. I mix it with a smoothing serum for that extra control.

4. On ‘100% Air Dried Hair’

I need much more than 2 pumps in this case. Somehow, this doesn’t satisfy me since I do not see any additional taming of my curls (they are pretty shrewd!). Also, with no water as an intermediary, I feel a slight coating leftover on my hand which comes off under running water.

5. On ‘Non-Conditioned Hair Day’

My hair is unmanageably dry and I keep them tied up. Can’t blame this product for not being effective on those days.

Please see the pics of my before and after with hair around 70-90% dry. This is just the product on my hair without any combing.

Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review

Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler Review5

Conclusion: This is a first non-serum/non-cream/watery type hair control product that I have used. I like it that it works on certain settings, but do not blame it if it doesn’t satisfy me on others. At least, it works sometimes and does not make my hair greasy even if I go overboard by mistake.

Summarizing the Pros and Cons-

Pros of Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler:

• Definitely smoothens the hair when applied at the right hair dry-wet setting.
• Adequate quantity for long hair. This which makes the bottle lasts long and justifies per usage cost.
• Though, not exactly pocket friendly, yet it is one of its kind considering it’s not an greasy hair product.
• Lightweight, colourless, and mildly scented.

Cons of Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler:

• Some may not find the bottle travel friendly. Personally, I do not have any issue.
• May not work with all setting of hair dryness.
• Not hydrating enough for my dry and frizzy tresses.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend/Repurchase Toni And Guy Prep Anti Breakage Smoothing Detangler?

I will recommend to those pained souls who have not found the holy grail hair product yet. Give it a try and see if it helps the way it helped me.

I am still on a lookout for something more drastic which will smooth/tame/give shine/detangle/maintain curl/anti breakage….phew! Long list, I know. If I find it before this one runs out, then you have another review coming from me! Till then, repurchase it is!

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  1. that’s one detailed review pragya!! i loved your hair both before and after. 😛 it’s funny until a few years back we had no clue about the serums and suddenly we cant live without them. :)) loved reading your post

    1. Thanks Rati!!! I really appreciate the effort put in by you and Sanjeev to give everyone a platform to share their experience! IMBB reviews are a must read for me before buying any product. Hope I can contribute my part too!

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