Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub Review

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Here comes a review on a product from the brand Tony moly. Tony Moly is a Korean brand which offers a variety of skincare and makeup options to choose from. Their latest launch is the “Mushroom” range. The product that I am reviewing today is the strawberry sugar scrub.


Product Description:
Magic food strawberry mushroom sugar scrub contains strawberry seeds and sugar to effectively remove dead skin cells and dirt while leaving your face clean and moist. Texture is similar to a strawberry smoothie and smells just like it too!


How To Use:
Apply an adequate amount of the scrub onto dry face and massage gently. For mild scrubbing, apply onto wet/moist skin.

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My Experience with Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub:

Again, with Tony Moly, the packaging had to be cute? The scrub comes housed in a cute mushroom-like container with pink cap on top. The details about the product are mentioned around the body of the mushroom.


Tony Moly Strawberry Sugar Scrub has a gel-like texture with little grains in it. This scrub totally smells like strawberry, but honestly, it’s just a cute-looking bottle and product, nothing more than that. It didn’t do anything for my skin.


This product does not scrub as I would prefer, this instantly melts into the skin, so there is no time it on to the skin. I prefer using it as a face wash instead of a scrub, and that way, it works pretty well. Some people won’t like it as a face wash since it doesn’t lather up, which most people would prefer from their face wash. It doesn’t even remove traces of makeup or dirt properly, it’s just a mild face wash.


On the plus side, it does not irritate my skin, does not cause any acne, so that was a relief for me.

Pros of Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub:

  • Smells delicious.
  • Cute packaging.
  • Might work for super sensitive skin.
  • Can be used as a face wash.
  • Does not irritate my skin, does not break out on my skin.

Cons of Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub:

  • Doesn’t work as a scrub.
  • Didn’t do anything for my skin.
  • Doesn’t remove any traces of dirt or makeup.

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub?
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Tony Moly Magic Food Strawberry Mushroom Sugar Scrub Review Overall rating: 3.5 out of 5 based on 2 reviews.

Tony moly scrub

3 5 1
Cute packaging

I Liked It

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I saw this product while I was shopping with my friend earlier this week. I wasn't looking to purchase anything in particular, but when I saw this, I decided to try it (I'm a sucker for cute design). I was a little nervous about using it at firsf since I have really sensitive skin, but was pleasantly surprised that there was no issue. I usually use a neutrogena makeup remover cloth, wet my face, use the sugar scrub and then follow up with my Cureology both in the mornings and at night. The product is cute, smells great and leaves my skin feeling refreshed, but it certainly doesn't have enough strength to remove make up if that's what you're going for.
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