Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask Review

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I had hauled a bunch of stuff from the Korean brand “Too Cool for School.” This review will be on the Egg Cream sheet mask.

Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask

Product Description:
A milky, serum-enriched microfiber sheet mask infused with egg white and egg yolk extract to instantly hydrate for a bright and radiant complexion.

What it is formulated to do:
This hypoallergenic microfiber sheet mask is infused with egg white and yolk extracts to help clarify, nourish, and moisturize skin. It helps firm skin for a younger-looking appearance while removing dead skin cells for a beautifully clean and smooth finish. Featuring a comfortable fit and a silky-soft touch, simply remove the mask after 10 to 20 minutes to reveal a luminous, radiant glow.  It is formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates.

$6 for 1 sheet, $24 for 5 sheets.

Product description

My Experience with Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask:

Packaging:  This single-use sheet mask comes in a sealed pack. The sheet is made of nylon/micro fiber and it is quite thin and soft, you have to be careful while handling this or you might tear it. The thinness of the sheet helps it hug the contours and fit perfectly on my face. There is a lot of excess serum left in the pack which I rub on my neck too.

Egg mask packaging

The sheet is saturated with a creamy milky serum. The texture of the serum is very slimy, similar to an egg white. It is recommended to keep the sheet for 10-20 minutes on the skin.  After the recommended time, the serum mostly gets absorbed into the skin without any greasy or sticky residue. I massage the rest of the serum on my skin post use.


Post using this sheet mask, I definitely see an improvement in my skin immediately. My skin feels firmer and my pores seem shrunk. My skin is left feeling soft and supple and the severity of my dry patches reduces significantly. My skin looks much more brighten and glow-y. Hence I can say that this mask totally lives up to all its claims. I love using this mask before a special occasion.

sheet mask

Fragrance:  This sheet mask has a mild floral fresh scent. I am happy that it smells nothing like eggs which would have be a deal breaker for me.

Overall, I absolutely love this sheet mask. It is great to give your skin some extra pampering. I highly recommend this sheet mask and will stock it up soon..

Pros of Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask:

  • Moisturizing.
  • Firming.
  • Reduces and tightens up pores.
  • Leaves my skin feeling soft and supple.
  • Reduces dry patches.
  • Leaves my skin glowy and smooth.
  • Thin nylon microfiber sheet fits easily to the shape of my face.
  • Mild scent.
  • Perfect for dry skin.

Cons of Too Cool For School Egg Cream Mask:

  • Expensive.
  • Very slimy and messy texture of serum.
  • Not fragrance-free for people with sensitive noses.

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  1. would totally love to try this brand! picked up some new things from a korean brand myself. they do some real good skincare. loved the packaging. good review. :))

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