Too Faced Perfect Red Perfect Lips Lip Liner Review

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This review will be on the “Too Faced Perfect Lips” lip liner in the shade “Perfect Red.”

Too Faced Perfect Red Perfect Lips Lip Liner

Product Details:
It’s no secret that our La Crème insanely rich lip colors sometimes don’t know where to stop, so we created Perfect Lips to keep them in check. They glide on to define and prime, keeping lip color from feathering out of bounds.

A twist-up tip always stays sharp and the comfortable gel grip makes precise lining a breeze. Formulated to be a perfect color match with a La Crème color family: n*de, spice, pink, red and berry.  Paraben free. Vegan Friendly shades: Perfect Berry, Perfect Red, Perfect Spice, Perfect N*de.


Ingredients lip liner

My Experience with Too Faced Perfect Red Perfect Lips Lip Liner:

Packaging: This lip liner comes in a sleek retractable pencil format. I like the fact that there is no hassle of sharpening up the pencil. The packaging reflects the color of the lip liner which makes this easy to spot among other products. There is a rubberized grip provided where you can hold the lip liner, making it ergonomic.

Perfect red lip liner

Texture: This lip liner is very smooth and creamy, and glides on without any tug. It is very easy to precisely trace out the edges of your lip lines or even over draw them for an illusion of fuller lips. It is so creamy, you can even use this lip liner as your lipstick by filling them in.

Shade: The shade “Perfect Red” is a perfect color to use under your red lipsticks to give definition and crisp lines (which is an absolute must when you are wearing a bold color like red) and prevent bleeding. This shade of red looks like it has the slightest bit of pink under tone, but from far, it looks like a true red.

Red lip liner

Finish: This lip liner sets to a complete matte finish. There is no shimmer or sheen.

Feel on lips: This lip liner, like most other liners can feel a bit drying when used on its own. Though it has never accentuated dry patches or fine lines on my lips, it is always best to keep your lips in good condition by exfoliating and moisturizing prior. If I use this lip liner as a base over a hydrating lipstick or gloss, the drying nature of this product doesn’t feel bothersome at all.

Hand swatch red lip liner

Staying Power: This lip liner is very long wearing. It stays 7-8 hours on my lips easily, which is the amount of time I usually wear makeup and I need a makeup remover at the end of the day to completely take it off. It survives through many snacks and drink breaks and even a full meal (provided it is not very oily). After a full meal, there is some fading from the inside of the lips which requires touch-ups.

Red lips

Overall, I am very impressed with this product and particularly this shade is perfect to use under red lipsticks or even on its own. I also love the fact that this product comes at a decent price tag yet it rivals even the most high-end brand lip liners in terms of texture and formula I have used. They are also vegan and paraben free. I totally recommend this lip liner.

Pros of Too Faced Perfect Red Perfect Lips Lip Liner:

  • Long-wearing lip liner.
  • Beautiful red shade.
  • Full matte finish.
  • Retractable.
  • Glides on smoothly without any tug.
  • Creamy texture.
  • Paraben free.
  • Vegan friendly.

Cons of Too Faced Perfect Red Perfect Lips Lip Liner:

  • Can be a bit drying when worn on its own, hence best used under a creamy lipstick or gloss.
  • Will look best if your lips are properly exfoliated and prepped.

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  1. It is so perfect Neha, just like its name. The shades is very beautiful and as you said, great for red lipstick. Also the packaging is so interesting. 🙂

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