Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set Review

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We all know brushes can make or break your makeup. Hence using good brushes are an essential part of everybody’s makeup routine. I had used some of these Teddy bear hair brushes by Too faced in the past which came in makeup kits like the Too Faced Cocoa Contour Kit (review here) and had been really impressed with them. It took me no convincing to pick this brush set when I saw it. I was completely sold by the cuteness factor. Read on to know more about this Too Faced Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set.


Product Details:

What it is:

An all-in-one, portable brush set that features the five essential brushes you need to achieve any look, plus a heart-print cosmetic bag. This perfectly edited set offers all you need to create any look. The synthetic hair makeup brushes were created using Too Faced’s luxurious “teddy bear hair” that feels identical to the soft and silky smooth hair of real animals without the cruelty involved in making traditional animal hair brushes. The long-lasting bristles are easy to clean and minimize the spread of bacteria.

This set contains powder brush, contour brush, all-over shadow brush, blender brush, liner brush, heart print bag with teddy bear zipper pull.

Price: $65

Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set 2

My Experience with Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set:

This brush set comes with 5 brushes that includes one face brush and four eye brushes. It comes with this incredibly cute pouch with a teddy bear key charm. The bag is of very good quality material and doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It has heart print all over it and fits all these brushes inside perfectly. Though carrying my brushes in this pouch wouldn’t be a great idea as it can mess up the shape of the bristles unless you use a brush guard. I will surely use this bag as my travel makeup pouch.

Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set 3

These brushes have a pretty pink handle and the bristles have ombre effect – fading from dark color to white. I like this feature as it helps the brushes not look too dirty on the top. The brushes fit comfortably in the hand and are not too heavy.

I love the idea of naming this cruelty free (not animal derived) bristles as Teddy bear hair. I do hope no teddy bears were harmed in making these brushes: P These bristles are so soft and silky ,it’s a joy to run them over your skin and I sometimes catch myself unconsciously swiping them over and over my skin for no apparent reason 😛 These are even softer than the Real Technique brushes.

The bristles on these brushes are dense and you do not face any issue in picking up adequate amount of powder with it. These brushes can be washed easily and I have not noticed any shedding. I love how all these brushes have their respective function labeled on them, so there is no confusion.

Too Faced Powder Brush

Powder Brush: This brush is a round fluffy powder brush. You can use this to powder or lightly bronze up your face. Though it is a bit big to use for blush or contouring, but if you pinch the bristles along the ferrule, it is quite possible to use it for those functions too. If I mistakenly apply excess blush, I use this brush to sweep off the excess because it tones down the intensity of the color.

Powder Brush 2

Too Faced All Over Shadow Brush

All Over Shadow Brush: This brush as suggested by the way it’s named makes an excellent eyeshadow packing brush. I use this to apply eye shadow or pigment all over my eyelids. The semi-rounded edge helps wedge and trace out the eyeshadow easily into the crease. It picks up a good amount of color in one dip hence you don’t have to go back and forth dipping the brush.

All Over Shadow Brush

Contour Brush: I was first confused as to what I would use this brush for, but this has become my favorite brush in this kit because of its unique cut and shape. I have lots of blending and all over shadow brushes in my kit, but I do not have a brush like this. I use this brush horizontally with the tip wedged into the crease and sweep to the inside of the eyes, and upon doing this, it creates the most perfect outer V with the most color concentrated on the outer end and crease. I love this brush.


Blending Brush: This is quite a standard yet useful blending brush. It is the perfect size to blend out the color in the crease and diffuse harsh edges. It has the right density and the perfect balance of firmness and wispiness. It blends eyeshadows like a dream.

Blending Brush 1

Liner Brush: This is a small pencil tip shaped liner brush. The tip holds its shape and the bristles don’t poke out at all. I prefer using this to smoke my pencil eyeliner or to apply powder shadows as eyeliners and even to apply and smudge color on my lower lash line. The tip does not poke. Though I would not recommend using this for crème eyeliners as the tip is too thick to get a precise thin clean line.

Liner Brush 1

Overall, I absolutely love this kit and think it is an excellent makeup kit for everyone, beginners or pros alike. I can do my whole eye makeup with just these four eye brushes with the addition of eyeliner and mascara with absolutely no issue and no need to add in any more brushes. Though I do feel the lack of a few face makeup brushes in this kit, for example, a smaller-sized blush brush. I do think that the powder brush can double up as a blush brush though not as effectively as a brush dedicated for that function. But it is still an excellent value for these super soft, high quality and very cute makeup brushes and the pouch that comes with it. I will recommend this for sure!!!

Pros of Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set :

• Good value for money.
• Super soft bristles.
• All brushes have their respective functions labeled which makes it easy for beginners.
• All brushes are practical and useful and not one of them feels out of place.
• Adorable pink design and makeup pouch.
• Bristles do not shed.
• Cruelty free, synthetic bristles.

Cons of Too Faced Pro-Essential Teddy Bear Hair Brush Set :

• None at all

IMBB Rating: 5/5

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