Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed, Matte Skin

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Clay based masks are awesome for oily, porous skin. It reduces sebum, refines the skin, reduces blackheads and whiteheads and delivers a fresh, matte finish to the face. In this post, I will talk about 10 amazing clay masks that you must try to refresh your oily, acne-prone, dull skin.

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin

1. L’Oreal Paris Pure Clay Mask Exfoliate and Refining Treatment Mask

L’oreal launched these clay masks two years ago and they became instant favorite in the beauty industry. This variant comes with micro granules that allow gentle exfoliation. It makes the skin refined and smooth instantly. It provides a cooling band soothing sensation to the skin. It buffs away the dull look and freshens up the skin. It reduces pores effectively and adds a overall toned look to the skin.

2. Innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin Innisfree

If you have acne-prone skin with deep pores that need complete cleanup, this mousse based formula is ideal for you. It goes into the pores and pulls out any dirt or accumulated sebum. It tones up the skin and the pores look visibly smaller. It also controls sebum secretion for the nest 1-2 days. It is an amazing way to prepare super oily skin for makeup.

3. Innisfree Jeju Volcanic Color Clay Mask – Calming

Here is an another mask from the same brand that works perfectly well on sensitive skin. It works well to reduce inflammations and redness. It soothes and relaxes the skin within minutes. It mattifies the skin and also added a subtle glow. As it never makes the skin dry, it can be used by all skin types.

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4. The Body Shop Himalayan Charcoal Purifying Glow Mask

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin TBS

This is one of the best clay based masks available in India. It is great for oily, acne prone skin. It refines the skin and acts well on pores. It does wonders on blackheads and whiteheads. It helps to dry out the acne too. If you have old acne scars, this one eventually helps to fade that out.

5. Beauty Formulas Deep Cleansing Seaweed Clay Mask

This mask is made of Bentonite which is one of the best clays available for the mask. It cleans and tones up the skin immediately after use. It makes the pores small and reduces oiliness. The skin stays mattified all day long when this mask is used. It is a great product to try before makeup application.

6. Boots Botanics Shine Away Ionic Clay Mask

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin Boots

This mask is inexpensive yet super effective. It cleanses and purifies the skin wonderfully. It refines the pores thoroughly and is super effective on clogged pores. It clears out acne and reduces further chances of ugly breakouts.

7. The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Self Heating Clay Mask

If you want a massage after mask application like the facial session in parlors, this mask is very suitable for you. The mask comes with attached brush that massages the mask and helps to remove the blackheads effectively. The mild heating sensation opens up the pores and cleans them thoroughly. It is an unique product and people with pores and blackheads must try this once.

8. Charlotte Tilbury The Goddess Skin Clay Mask

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin Charlotte Tilbury

This is a luxurious product from the house of Charlotte Tilbury. It refreshes the skin and gives a skin spa like experience at home. It makes the skin smooth, soft and plump. It never makes the skin look dry and dull. It removes excess oil and gives the skin a toned and radiant finish. If you want to splurge in a mask, you can grab this one.

9. Glamglow Flashmud Brightening Treatment

Glamglow masks are super effective and are popular across the word. This mask clarifies and brightens up the skin at the same time. It removes all blackheads and dry patches. It makes the skin look even toned and better. It brightens up the skin effectively and also fades out old acne scars.

10. Pixi Glow Mud Mask

Top 10 Clay Masks for A Refreshed Matte Skin Pixi

Pixi products are always a huge hit and this one is no exception. It improves skin texture and makes it radiant. It controls excess sebum secretion without making the skin dry. It makes skin soft, supple, clear and bright. It is non-comedogenic and is same for everyone.

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