Top 10 Colors by Pantone For Spring 2016

Hi ladies,

Here is a guide to sport these gorgeous shades for spring 2016 by Pantone! All the colours are different, quite unique and apt for spring time. Read on to know more about them!

1. Buttercup

The name itself sounds so delicious and so is the colour. This colour is so energetic and sis full of life and gives out a positive ray of sunshine in spring time. This is not that mellow shade of yellow but the bright and vibrant one to take you sailing through sunny days of spring!

2. Fiesta

This is a warm based eye popping red. When you are wearing this, you won’t need any accessories. This is such a gorgeous shade of red which goes so beautifully with all skin tones.

3. Green Flash

green flash
This colour makes up for the void of greenery in any city. This looks so fresh. You can wear it as whole or you can incorporate more colours to it for an ultra glam look. This is a perfect shade of green if you want to make your look pop!

4. Lilac Grey

lilac grey
This is great spin to the otherwise classic grey shade. Lilac grey is the perfect amalgamation of lilac and grey. This colour will fill all your needs of a great neutral shade in your wardrobe.

5. Limpet Shell
limpet shell

This is a very lively and refreshing shade of blue. This is a very clean and preppy shade that can instantly turn on the mood. If you are tired of all those reds, pinks and oranges then why not go for a poppy shade like this!

6. Peach Echo
peach echo

This is shade that channels the inner warmth of a person’s personality. This is also one of those universal shades that go with every skin tone beautifully. You can incorporate this shade in so many ways in your outfits.

7. Rose Quartz
rose quartz

This is a very gentle shade which represents compassion and a heart full of love. This is a very radiant yet very soft pink shade just like the colour of flushed cheeks. This is such an ideal shade for upcoming spring and summer months.

8. Snorkel Blue
snorkel blue

This is very striking navy shade form the blue colour family. It instantly makes you feel all dressed up! If you want to make a style statement then, do it by this lovely shade of blue from the spring palette.

9. Serenity

This colour perfectly resonates the beautiful blue sky above us in a poetical way. This shade of blue has such a calming effect on the eyes. This is a great shade to take you through tumultuous days of spring or summer weather.

10. Iced Coffee
iced coffee

This is such a soft, subtle and earthy shade which resembles your perfect beverage! This is a great transitional shade which works as the perfect neutral shade to gel with all other colours in the palette.

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16 thoughts on “Top 10 Colors by Pantone For Spring 2016

  1. Wow Vandana,

    Nice compilation! Rati Mam, looks great in all the snaps. Fiesta, Rose Quartz, snorkel blue and iced coffee are my favourite????????????

  2. Oh my god! Just add Rati’s pics and the article becomes so much more amazing! I love how you picked up these pics and she is looking so stunning. I am in love with the colors Pantone has chosen this year. These are much more easy on eyes and wearable too. Last year wasn’t as interesting. 🙂

    1. yes this year’s colour are so eye pleasing and very much wearable and Rati mam does make every article appear so much better 🙂

  3. awww!! I am so flattered vandana. I saw this post and my first reaction was OMG! I myself didn’t know I wore so many colors. haha!! thanks a ton!! feeling really special. 🙂

    1. you are so welcome and yes I had the same thought while compiling this post 😛
      you are really a true style diva 🙂

  4. Very nice article Vandana. Rati as usual is looking every bit of rockstar in all the outfits.
    The market is going to be dominated with pastel colours this year. Personally it would be best time for me to shop I can say!!! 🙂

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