Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin

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You skin may look dull and dead for various reasons. Blemish, sun tan, tiredness and dehydration can all make your skin look lifeless. In this post, I will be talking about 10 face packs that brighten up the face and add a radiant glow. While a few work immediately, others show long term effects with time. Pick your favorite from this list and get rejuvenated skin at home.

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin

1. Jovees Bridal Brightening Face Masque

Even if you are not planning to get married any time soon, this affordable face pack can be a part of your kitty. It spreads evenly, dries quickly and gives you an instant glow. It removes excess oil from skin to give a mattifying glow and also hydrates the skin to make it plump and soft. It erases every sign of dullness to make skin radiant and clear. Regular use of the pack gives a long-lasting result.

2. Aroma Magic Brightening Beauty Pack

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin Aroma Magic

Here is an another affordable product and is highly recommended by Rati, our IMBB boss. On days when your skin is looking dull, lifeless and tired, this pack can be your friend in distress. It has a mix of essential oils, kaolin and fruit extracts, which all together brightens up the skin without making it oily or dry. It balances the natural moisture level of the skin and gives you a radiant skin after every use.

3. Loreal Paris Pure Clay Detox and Brighten Mask

This new face mask from L’oreal works like any high-end product and gives parlor like finish after each use. It contains activated charcoal that detoxifies the skin and evens out the skin tone. It also pulls out all dirt and toxin to make the skin glow from within. The skin stays soft and supple and your akin feels rejuvenated.

4. Innisfree Green Barley Gommage Peeling Mask

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin Innisfree

This peeling mask contains barley extract, salicylic acid, AHA and cellulose that all together peels the dead cells chemically and physically. Often layers of dead cells get accumulated on the skin making it look lifeless. As they are removed, the fresh skin appears from beneath which looks very lively and fresh. It has no paraben and thus suits all skin type. It makes the skin soft, supple and smooth with regular usage.

5. The Body Shop Chinese Ginseng and Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask

If dry skin and acne scars are making your skin dull, this TBS polishing mask can be your savior. It removes dry patch, fades scars and removes blackhead to make skin clear and even. The goodness of ginseng and rice actually polishes the skin and the mild scrub granules in it also exfoliate the skin gently. The skin feels great after the first use and you will also love the cooling sensation that it provides.

6. The Body Shop Amazonian Acai Energising Radiance Mask

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin The Body Shop

Here is an another brightening face mask from TBS for our oily skinned beauties. Acai berries contain Vitamin A, C and E, making it ideal for skin regeneration. Thus, using this regularly makes your skin brighter and better. It also reduces pore size and gives a toned appearance to your skin which is definitely an added benefit for your skin.

7. Freeman Rejuvenating Cucumber and Pink Salt Clay Mask

This clay mask contains fine salt particles that mildly exfoliate the skin to reveal the fresh skin beneath. The pack is very cool and refreshing and you will love using it after a long tiring day. It makes your dull skin look bright and fresh and you can get a mini facial at home before any party. This one is also great for cleaning the pores and reducing the pore size.

8. Bobbi Brown Skin Nourish Mask

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin Bobbi Brown

Get a spa-like feel at home with this refreshing and nourishing mask by Bobby Brown. This moisturizing mask feels like butter and you can leave it on for overnight action. The skin feels moisturized and all dryness and dullness fades away from the soft and supple skin. Although the mask is thick, it never feels too heavy and does not make the face oily. This one has anti-ageing benefit too. If you want to invest in a multipurpose face mask, this can be a great choice.

9. Skin Inc. Get Glowin’ Brightening Mask

As the name suggests, this mask indeed makes the face glow within 10 minutes. It makes the skin soft and takes care of unevenness. It improves skin texture over time and brightens the skin. It is suitable for all skin types and regular use will help you to achieve polished, hydrated and healthy skin.

10. Mizon Good Night White Sleeping Mask

Top 10 Face Masks to Brighten up Dull Skin Mizon

This gel-like face pack works on the skin overnight without feeling heavy. It hydrates the skin and makes it soft and radiant. It makes the skin plump and soft and it looks very nourished and healthy. Often oily skinned beauties get dehydrated and dull skin in the summer. This pack is great to take care of any such issue.

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