Top 10 Home Remedies to Prepone or Postpone Your Periods

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How are you all doing? I am doing good and hope you guys are enjoying the winter season. When it comes to the reproductive health of a woman, her menstrual cycle plays a very important role. At some point, there are some situations in life when we want to either postpone or prepone our periods by a few days. Most women prefer to prepone their periods for a special occasion because dealing with heavy bleeding during “those days” can be troublesome. However, the reason behind preponing or postponing the periods differs for everyone. Well, if you ever need to go for these two options, here are the remedies that work.


Papaya is a magical fruit which helps to prepone your periods. It has been one of the ancient remedies that were used to prepone the periods. Consuming papaya can help you get early periods because it induces estrogen in the body. Due to the heat generated by papaya in the body, you get your periods earlier than expected.

Sesame seeds

The effect of sesame seeds on the body is as same as papaya. Consuming one spoon of sesame seeds along with jaggery can prepone the periods. In order to get periods as early as possible, you should consume it two times a day. However, make sure that you don’t over consume sesame seeds as they might end up creating additional heat inside the stomach.

Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice helps produce estrogen in the body which means it helps you get your periods as early as possible. Drinking pomegranate juice three times a day can easily prepone your periods.


Dates produce a lot of heat inside the body and hence you must include dates in your daily diet to prepone periods. Consuming 3-4 dates three times a day can help you get your periods as early as possible.

Pineapple juice

Pineapple juice also induces estrogen in the body and creates additional heat. Since drinking pineapple juice can generate heat in the body, drinking it thrice a day for a week can help prepone your periods.

Sugarcane juice

Consuming sugar cane juice a week or two before your expected dates can prepone your periods.

Parsley leaves

Parsley leaves are used to delay your periods by 5-20 days. All you need to do is boil some parsley leaves in water until just half of the water is left. Now boil it for another 20-30 minutes and drink this liquid after cooling it down.

Gram lentils

Consuming gram lentils with warm water every day can postpone your periods easily. If not this method, you can consume gram lentils in several other ways to prepone the periods.


A glass of water mixed with 4-5 spoons of vinegar can postpone your periods. Vinegar helps to slow down the PMS and also assists in reducing the flow as well.


Gelatin is the ultimate answer for postponing your periods. Buy gelatin from a nearby store and add it to the boiling water. Now drink this liquid two times a day.

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  1. I want to add one more method here to postpone periods. Drinking one glass daily of the red Rhododendron flower juice also helps to extend the periods.. this flower is found in abundance during summers in mid himalayan hills..

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