Top 10 Lip Balms

Top 10 Lip Balms

Chapped lips not only make a person self-conscious, they hurt a lot too. The biggest problem with chapped lips is that unlike your skin problems you cannot hide it with anything. Try to load your lips with products and they will look more prominent.


There are thousands of lip balms in the market today that aim to give your lips the much needed hydration, serious skin repair, or a touch of colour. But do all of them work? Are they all well made to provide the hydration our pouts crave around this time of year?

Mentioned below are few that will definitely work for you.

Burt’s Bees Tinted Lip Balm: Hydrating coconut oil and beeswax keeps lips soft and smooth, while the universally flattering hue provides a great way to add a touch of subtle colour.


Maybelline Baby Lips Balm: The lightweight formula protects your skin with hydration and SPF 20.

baby-lips_pack-shot-crop_QuSmith’s Rosebud Salve: Grab it if you can. Its super formula works on everything from chapped lips to cracked cuticles and even on dry elbow patches.


Nivea’s A Kiss of Protection Lip Balm is great to lend a boost of hydration, while an SPF of 30 keeps delicate skin shielded from harm.


The Body Shop Shea Lip Care: It is a great shea butter-infused balm that smells of coconut oil and feels great on lips as well.


Kiehl’s Lip Balm: It contains cotton seed oil, which acts as a softener for dry, chapped lips.


Aquaphor Lip Repair and Protect: Give peels and cracks the slip with this rich blend of shea butter and castor-seed oil.


Vaseline Lip Therapy: A perfect and trusted lip balm that helps to keep your lips healthy and protected from the harsh elements.


M.A.C Lip Conditioner Stick: A clear lip product that provides everyday UVA/UVB protection.


Clarins Moisture Replenishing Lip Balm: An incredibly lightweight formula that works equally well as a thick cream. A good option for all those who don’t like that heavy, sticky feel of a balm.



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20 thoughts on “Top 10 Lip Balms

  1. Very good compilation but I am surprised why lotus is not there :(:(
    I like Lotus lip balm more than nivea lip balms.

  2. nice compilation! surprised not to see tbs hemp lip protector or tbs cocoa butter lip care stick, neutrogena and palmers on the list! all of them are super healers!

  3. Good post era!
    I am currentlly loving maybelline baby lips. It works great.
    Have tried the vaseline aloe one… Its horrible. Taste and smell both. And gives a white layer on the lips also 🙁
    And i so want to try that nivea one.. in the pic. And the burt bees one. Any idea if they are available in india? Any online site?

  4. Nice list, but I believe many arent available in India. I would like to add The Body Shop’s hemp lip protector and cocoa care lip balm. They r the best ones I have ever used. Non waxy, go great under a lipstick, and make lips soft 🙂

  5. Nice list, Era. 🙂
    However, I’ve heard the Vaseline ones are waxy and not smooth. And they supposedly don’t help keep lips moisturized at all. I’ve never tried them though, so I don’t know first-hand. I like Neutrogena’s lip balm, Lip Ice, and Nivea.
    Found Lotus a bit waxy, so never bought one again.

  6. Maybelline baby lips, Burt Bees, Clarins are the ones from the list I have used and loved to the core. Clarins lip balm also gives light hint of saunf aroma which is amazing… 🙂
    I have also loved Lotus and neutrogena ones…never liked nivea and didnt try after the first which also became the last for me… 🙂

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