Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow

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People are ditching the flat matte makeup looks for dewy, soft looks these days. Also, as it is winter, we have more reasons to appreciate the glow and shine. A liquid highlighter or illuminator is a must, if you want to create a dewy look. While powder products end up mattifying the look, a liquid product keeps the makeup look soft. It can be incorporated in multiple ways in your makeup. You can mix it with your primer or foundation to get the lit from within glow. You can also use it over foundation to get highlighted cheekbones. Here are the 10 best liquid highlighters reviewed in IMBB. They do not make the skin patchy or oily. They never highlight dry patches either. There are products of various price ranges in this list and you will definitely find one that suits you.

Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow

1. Maybelline Master Strobing Cream Nude

Here is a great strobing cream from your favorite brand Maybelline, that can be used all over the face. It has a gel-like consistency which glides smoothly on the skin. It moisturizes without making the face cakey and thus, it suits all the skin types. You can use it for day looks too. It does not highlight your pores either.

2. MAC Strobe Cream Goldlite

Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow MAC Strobe Cream

If you want to invest in a high end strobe cream, MAC has some great options for you. The original MAC strobe cream is an all time favorite of makeup artists to give the brides a soft, dewy glow before the makeup. MAC has launched more shades of it to suit various skin tones. The shimmer particles of this product are micro-fine that only work as illuminators for the skin than making you look like a disco ball. If you like a bit of understated glow without really making it look obvious, this is your product.

3. NYX Born To Glow Liquid Illuminator in Sunbeam

This product is also available in 4 different shades and you can choose them as highlighters or bronzers. This liquid can be mixed to the primer or it can be used as primer too. It helps the makeup to stay in place along with adding some glow. You can also mix it with your moisturizer, primer or foundation too and it does not change the consistency of any of the products. The product has soft creamy texture that gets blended easily and also, it can be layered on. You can use this over the foundation too to get the beautiful sun kissed glow.

4. NARS Liquid Illuminator in Copacabana

Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow NARS

Highlight your face well with this beautiful liquid highlighter from NARS. It can be used in different ways and you will love having it in your stash. It never makes the makeup look greasy or oily. It has fine shimmers that give a pearly glow to the face and it lasts throughout the day.

5. Cover FX Moonlight Custom Enhancer Drops

Want to have a highlighter that the instagram gurus use from the tiny bottles to make their skin pop? Well, your search ends here. This product gives a distinct metallic sheen, but can be used sparingly to get a soft glow. Our reviewer has oily, textured skin with pores and she totally loved using this product. So, if you are staying away form highlighters for these reasons, stop worrying right now and pick this bottle.

6. Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Moonstone

This is a much hyped product and it definitely deserves all the attentions. This product is very smooth and creamy, and blends into the skin without any effort. The luminosity of this product is instantly noticeable as you move the face and the way it catches the light. The intensity of the shine can be built up in multiple layers. It’s glow is unmatched and you can find nothing better than this. It really gives your skin a heavenly glow, which looks brilliant in both real life and photos alike. It also contains multiple antioxidants and vitamins that take care of the skin, when you are wearing it.

7. Buxom Divine Goddess Luminizer

Here is an another liquid highlighter that can be used for the subtle glow and you can flaunt even in daylights. It works wonderfully as an all-over illuminator, when mixed with foundation or moisturizer. It gets absorbed into the skin easily, leaves no oiliness and does not feel heavy.  It is also transfer proof; the shimmer does not spread all over. It is suitable for all skin tone and skin type. You can also use this on your body to highlight your features.

8. ColourPop Amber Crystal Liquid Highlighter

Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow Colourpop

This highlighter is infused with real crushed amber crystals. Amber crystals emit a soothing and calming energy. It helps to balance your emotions, clear your mind and release any negative energy. The highlighter contains ultra-fine pearls and luminescent gold pigments which gives a beautiful sheen to the skin. If you want to end your year with loads of positive vibe, add this to your Christmas shopping list now.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Beauty Light Highlighter Wand

This magic wand can transform your flat makeup look in a second. The product gets blended well with the sponge tip and gives a natural glow and soft focused luminous finish. It does not accentuate or enhance dry skin and does not make the face greasy either. It adheres to the skin wonderfully and the luminosity lasts all day long.

10. Giorgio Armani Fluid Sheer No 2 

Top 10 Liquid Illuminators for Soft Dewy Glow Giorgio Armani

This liquid highlighter will remind you of molten gold. This is a little shimmerier and glittery compared to the others and if you want to add some extra dose of glamour, pick this one. It builds up beautifully without going patchy or weird. It is a great product for parties and events. It stays on for 8-9 hours and does not change the color ever. If you want a luxurious liquid highlighter in your stash, pick one from this range.

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