Top 10 Style Inspirations from the 50s

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Trends come and go but most of the trends just repeat themselves after few years or few decades. If I talk about the trends in magical 50s era, they were all about feminine dresses, luxurious coats, and classy accessories. We can definitely take some really awesome style inspiration from that era and some of us are already rocking the 50s fashion. Let’s find out about some trends to inspire you to dress up like that.
Top 10 Style Inspirations from the 50s

Play up your curves

peplum dress
50s were all about emphasizing the curves and creating feminine silhouettes. Women of that era worked on creating an hourglass figure like Marilyn Monroe. So nip in your waist and think of peplums and ruffles to create the effect.

Matchy matchy

matching shoes and bag
Women in that era wore shoes that matched their handbags and earrings that matched their necklaces. It might be a trend to wear different coloured everything, but it is sometimes OK to go back to basics.

Voluminous hair

voluminous hair
Remember how our yesteryear actresses had a circular shaped ball like juda on the back of their heads? It looked so immaculate. Well, you won’t probably want that but, with a bit of teasing and back combing, you can achieve healthy-looking, voluminous hair for sure.

Poofy dresses

puffy dress
I am talking about head to toe poofy dress but you can go for a structured bodice like top and a voluminous skirt to rock the vintage chic look. You can also choose a dress that sticks to your curves and is voluminous from the bottom.

Patterned skirt

patterned skirt
Skirts were worn so much in that era. You can go for patterned skirts and wear a solid coloured shirt over it and don’t forget to tuck it in. Keep everything else simple and let your patterned skirt make a statement.

Oversized hat

oversized hat
It is always a great idea to pick up an oversized hat. Wear a fitted dress and go for an oversized hat which will make you look all made up in no time. You can also go for tiny hats for a perfect summer look.

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Wide belts

wide belt
50s were not for slouchy dresses. They were all about creating an hourglass figure. You can always add a nice belt to add structure to your waist and enhance your curves.

Polka dots

polka dots
Want to rock the retro look with élan and style? Look no further than polka dotted prints! They are poster prints for everything that is vintage and retro. You can incorporate polka dots in dresses, skirts, tops or even the scarves.

Cat eye sunglasses

cat eye sunglasses
They were popular then and are making waves even now! This is a year of flared sunglasses with pointed edges. Choose the wackiest ones to make a bold style statement.


pearl necklace
Pearls in jewellery were quite common in the 50s and pearls are still so much in rage too. Pearls make for elegant looking delicate jewellery. You can go for pearl drop earrings, classy pearl rings or heavy statement necklaces with pearls.

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