Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquette

Hope you all are doing well. A day before yesterday as my vehicle was on service, so I travelled in a public vehicle. I saw a male passenger, who grabbed the ladies seat, may be he had some problem so he wanted to sit and rest, which is okay. But after some time, there came an old lady, who was not even able to walk properly and that man, I did not even offer that old lady to sit. That made me realize about the unspoken social etiquettes, which all of us should have.

Social etiquettes are simply certain rules and manners that one is supposed to follow in life. These manners help you make friends and create a good and gentle image of yourself.

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes

1. Always Offer Seat to Disabled, Pregnant and Elderly people:

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes 2

Obviously, this one is suppose to be first as I had noticed this just 2 days ago. This is what helps you in being kind to others and also to create a good public image of yours. Whenever I do something like this, i.e. offering a seat to an elderly person in a train or bus, I actually feel good from inside. You should have this little thing in mind, which is socially important.

2. Anything Borrowed Should be Returned:

Whether it is money or anything you borrowed from your friend or relative. You should return it back to them as soon as you can. Adopt the habit of returning borrowed clothes in the same neat and tidy way as you got them. In case of utensils, never return the utensils empty. Always send some thing, it may be something that you prepared for lunch or dinner.

3. Avoid Talking Loudly or With Mouthful in Public Places:

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes 3

Seriously, this looks disgusting. Nobody wants to know what you are eating and how you are chewing your food. ‘Do not talk while you are eating’. It looks really bad. Talking on your phone, discussing your plans and gossiping with friends is never supposed to be loud. You must have seen people shouting in a theatre or talking loudly on the phone. This habit is super irritating and one should actually never do so.

4. Do Not Peep at Someone’s Personal Computer or Phone:

All of us know that when this happens with us, we hate it too, then why should you do the same to others. Others feel irritated too. Everybody needs their personal space and do not want to share everything with everyone. Also, if someone hand over their phone to you to look at a particular comment or photo, then do not ever slide to left or right.

5. Offer to Help On Being Invited to Someone’s House Party:

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes 4

You would always like it, when you invite your friend and relative for dinner for a house party and they offer to help you in preparing the dinner, serving or any other task. You should to do the same for others. Even after the house party, they won’t ask you to clean the mess, but you should offer help in cleaning too. Even you won’t want your friends to come to your place, eat, have fun and then leave everything to you. Also, if you are at someone’s place and they say that ‘I have a lot of work to finish’ or ‘I am tired’, then it means that it is time to leave.

6. Don’t Ask People About Their Personal Information:

One should never ask a woman, her weight or age. One should never ask anyone about the details of their life, past or even their salary. I remember an incident, when my friend introduced me to her close friend, whom I did not know at all. But, all of a sudden she started telling me about all her confidential matters and discussing her personal matters with me. No ladies, never ever do that.

7. Family Greeting Card Issues:

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes 5

Whenever you get a invitation card and it is addressed ‘Mr. and Mrs., then it means only you and your hubby is invited. Unless and until they do not specify or write ‘with family’, do not take your children and everyone else in the house.

8. Always Knock Before Entering Someone’s Bedroom:

Never enter anybody’s bedroom without knocking or informing them. Even if you see the door open, you should knock before getting in. Always take off your shoes, when you enter someone’s house, specially when you know your shoes are wet and dirty. Surprises may not always be good, so call or drop a simple text to the person, whom you intend to visit suddenly.

9. Do Not Talk Only About Yourself:

Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquettes 6

If you will always keep talking about yourself, then you will never get to know anybody else. Also no one would prefer to be with you, as you would not have time to listen to other people. Always take out “ I, ME and MYSELF “ thing is not socially acceptable.

10. Don’t Speak in Your Local Language in Front of Others:

This seems very rude guys. I have a friend and she is Marathi. I have no idea about her language. Whenever I visit her house, they have conversations in their local language and I find this very rude. I get a feeling, as if they are saying something bad about me or they do not want to talk in front of me. So, always avoid doing this.

These were the top 10 unspoken social etiquettes, which I think are important for all of us. Few other basic etiquettes known to all are:

  • Never use your phone, when someone is talking to you.
  • Never start eating your dinner before everybody gets their food served.
  • Always tip the waiter.
  • Always follow the rules in the library.
  • Always offer to pay for gas, petrol, diesel, on using a friend’s vehicle.
  • Never make plans with people in front of other people, who are not invited.
  • Always say thank you, it does not cost a thing.
  • Always hold the door or open the door for people with you and for women, obviously.
  • Never criticize others.
  • Always put things back where you found them, in a supermarket.

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8 thoughts on “Top 10 Unspoken Social Etiquette

  1. Very well written, Maya 🙂 Even I think, it should not be just men but even women should offer seat to the elderly, pregnant woman and also if someone is carrying a small child in public transport.

  2. Very nice; generally, parents and schools teach the young but so many grow up without these values, so it’s wonderful that they’re made aware of such etiquettes.

  3. I have seen pts 3, 4 , 6, 8 at my work place :headbang:
    Hv heard colleague flirt wth a gal in other language (which I understand 😛 ) so loudly. it made me all shy 😛 😀
    Local language thing is so common that ppl talk in Hindi even when foreign clients are around. I will have to share this post with those ppl now 🙂

  4. Awesome list Priyanka. Here in Japan, there are special seats designated for handicapped, elderly, pregnant women and people with small children called courtesy seats.

  5. exactly guys. some people don’t just get it. and Ramya, even here in India these rules have been applied but some people occupy the women’s seat as well in public vehicles. and they don’t even have courtesy to offer seat to pregnant women or old.

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