Top 5 Bronzing Mistakes to Avoid

Bronzing is a HOT topic these days and suddenly it seems like everyone wants to master this art. Well, it all makes sense, after all who doesn’t crave a sun kissed look? Unfortunately, from celebrities to the girl next door are struggling hard when it comes to applying a bronzer. It is not that hard a technique only if you make sure you are avoiding all these common bronzing mistakes. So keep reading for a happy bronzing experience. 🙂


1. Choosing the wrong colour bronzer.

Yes, there is no such thing as a universal bronzer. So, if you are thinking the shade that suits your friend will probably look good on you too, well you couldn’t be more wrong. Your friend might be fairer or darker than you and chances are the bronzer that looks oh so good on her, might look the exact opposite on you. Ouch! So, get over the dilemma that one bronzer shade is probably good for all. Like your foundation, go search for a nice bronzer that complements your skin type, the best 🙂 . The makeup artists or makeup salesperson are normally there to help you in this search. But if there is none, stick to the rule – Buy a bronzer which is a shade or two darker than your skin tone. 🙂


2. Choosing the wrong type of bronzer.

What do I mean by that? Well we all have different skin types, normal, oily, dry or combination and there is no 1. Best solution for all skin types. While pressed powder bronzers are more suitable for women with normal, slightly oily and combination skin types. These are a NO, NO for women with dry skin. Powder bronzers absorb the moisture from your skin, not something women with dry skin need. Hence, stick to cream based or powdery cream based bronzers. 🙂

TOP 5 Bronzing Mistakes

3. Applying bronzer with wrong makeup brushes.

Errrr… so you apply your bronzer with your powder brush? Oh, girl you don’t do that! What you need is a bronzer brush. Yes, you heard me right and no it looks nothing like your blusher brush. The bronzer brush is fluffy and round. Moreover, its bristles are densely packed, unlike the powder brushes, which tend to be fluffy, sparse and angled.

TOP 5 Bronzing Mistakes

4. Applying bronzer at the wrong places 

Bronzers are used to define the edges of your face and your aim should be to achieve just that. It is not a foundation, so don’t wear it like one. Too much bronzing defeats the whole purpose of why we bronze in the first place 🙁 . So, just be careful while using your bronzer.

Usually, applying bronzer at these areas of your face is considered a safe option: where your forehead meets your hairline, down the bridge of your nose, the tip of your chin, and the apples of cheeks 🙂 . Just make sure you are not applying too much!


5. Not blending the bronzer properly

Yes, you want to highlight your jawline and the draw attention on the best features of your face, but no one wants to draw harsh lines of bronzer to do that! Meaning? – BLEND! After putting in all that hardwork, don’t forget to blend your bronzer with the rest of your makeup. The purpose is to achieve a natural look not harsh lines of division of your face! So blend! Blend it evenly on all these areas to achieve a sun kissed glow and make your brushed cheeks and highlighted face areas stand out, naturally. 🙂


I hope these bronzing tips to avoid will come out handy next time you apply a bronzer! Do let me know if all these tips were indeed helpful.

Till we meet next – Stay Beautiful. 🙂

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