Top 5 Drugstore Lipstick Brands in the World

Top 5 Drugstore Lipstick Brands in the World


For us, the best lipstick is the one that comes at a good cost, is feather soft, comes in a lot of shades for all skin tones and it lasts long. This is all we need isn’t it 😛

Top 5 Drugstore Lipstick Brands in the World

We love lippies from brands that offer high end quality at an affordable cost, these are the following lipstick brands I love out of the hundreds I have tried, I am essentially listing the brands that are available worldwide.


My most favorite range in terms of creaminess and cost, and the number of color they have, I own a ton of their round lipsticks, anyone who gets an opputunity to get them must.

nyx round lipstick

I love their matte range a lot, I mean it is mostly out of stock everywhere..

And their superb matte lip creams..



Now who hasnt tried Maybelline lippies, we have loved their moisture extreme ones…my fav is chestnut.

maybelline moisture extremes

Then they have the colorsensational one..


Then their 14 hr ones which we love so much,fav pink from them is Eternal rose.Then Rati’s fav Non Stop Red..



What should I say about their super lustrous lippies, love them to death, available in frost,creme and pearls,and so many shades to choose from.

revlon super lustrous

Then lip balm stains from them.

revlon lip balm

and the lip butter we all love..
revlon lip butter

And their smooth colorburst range..

revlon colorburst


My sis gifted me a few of them and they are superb and come in a lot of finishes..check these continuous lip colors

covergirl lipstick

Lip perfection range..

Top 5 Drugstore Lipstick Brands in the World


We love their intense, creme, and the their lipsticks are super creamy and they often come out with many to choose from.


Their infallible range of long lasting lippies.


And their nutrishine lippies..


I wanted to include Rimmel and max factor too but I think the shade range is better in the listed brands above..So girls do you like these brands, which ones in drugstore lipstick brands is your fav? I will do a post on top 5 luxury/high end brands of lippies too soon..

image 1

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  1. I love all of these but for me NYX is my fav……hey which is the shade the model is wearing in the first pic….i loved that pink

      1. It IS NARS – Dragon Girl! I was wonderin Why you put NARS photo in Budget thingy!! Its definitely not budget!! rofl Lovely shade, no?

  2. Totally loved the shade the model is wearing n moreover it’s matte I simply love matte lippes Neha Cld u suggest a dupe for it plzzz *drool* Awesome post

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