Top 5 Fashion Must Haves in Your Closet

Top 5 closet must haves that are bound to add a little more style to your outfit. Any season, any time, and for any age. Fashion is about looking good but feeling comfort at the same time and as a student I don’t have money to spend on expensive items. So I use my eye for fashion in buying items that look designer –like but aren’t draining on the wallet. These 5 items add style to your outfits, and are priceless. By priceless here I mean items that you can’t detect a price on because you can buy the in a shop on sale or from a designer outlet and produce a mind-boggling outfits.

Number 5. Boyfriend Jacket

Boyfriend jacket is a closet item here to stay. It can be worn in office, school or even on a day out with friends. It’s big and comfortable, do if you decide to wear something a t-shirt or a baggy blouse underneath it works either way. If you can’t find any of boyfriend jacket’s in ladies department, you can buy a jacket on sale from men’s department wear it like that or make a little adjustments, make a little alteration to fit your build. Now to make it interesting you can either buy a chain (from those knitting shops that have all sorts of sewing items) to put on its shoulders, or big bold buttons. Adding these details yourself will save you hundreds of dollars and give them an instant posh look.

boyfriend blazers

4. Scarves

Scarves are worn traditional during colder season but now days scarf is a fashion statement but it can be worn to grace an outfit. Like in the movie confession of a shopaholic, the girl went to extreme ends to get buy a scarf from an interview. Do not underestimate the power of a scarf. It adds volume to your style, for example if you are wearing black outfit, a red scarf around your neck would really make you look rosy and beautiful compared to plain black outfit. Also if you’re out for a long day, a scarf around your neck can be comfort in many ways. Now price wise scarves are easily bought in bargain shops for cut-rates, but what you need to consider is the style and class of a scarf. I personally do not like any animal print items, especially on scarves, and usually go for a simple bright color scarf with dark clothes, or a dark color scarf with bright clothes.
Many types of scarves found can be worn to match your outfit or worn to give a little detail to your outfit. Another important factor to remember is style of tie them, search YouTube for scarf styles for more info on tying scarves.

3. Boots

boots fashion
Not many females wear this marvellous piece of style statement. Either it’s too bold or it doesn’t match their outfits. Once you do buy a pair of boots, you’ll be hooked. I would wear my boots with every outfit if I could. I’m staggeringly captivated by them. Wear a pair of boots with a cute dress or with jeans, these piece of fashion are bound to make a statement. A pair of boots used to be worth hundreds of dollars but now you can buy them for quarter the price in practically anywhere and look exactly as fashionable.

Try ankle boots, knee length boots or if you are brave, thigh length boots. (Boots in images are by Louboutin)

2. Check shirt

Check shirt is a comfy yet stylish outing top that can look great on anyone. Add a jacket, scarf, or just wear it with plain jeans, it can make a fashion statement. Whether it’s from Dolce & Gabbana or bought on sale from an average shop, it’s an outfit that no one can guess the price because check shirts are all almost the same.
check shirt
Check shirt comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. There is the loose shirt type that can be worn with a jeans or slacks. Also there is the dress type check, which can be worn with tights or jeans. Good for night and day outing.

1. Cardigans

I simply love a nice flattering cardigan on a lady, makes her look style conscious. Cardigan comes in variety of style and colors, from just wrap with a button to a knee length cardigan. It is a type of clothing that can be worn in any season due to its comfort and ageless style. And one cardigan can be worn with different items many times in a week, pants, skirts, jeans or even a cute dress. Textured, designed or just a simple cardigan, it is definitely a must have. Add a little statement to your casual t-shirt and jeans !
Last weekend I bought this butterfly shoulders cardigan, I loved instantly how it fall on my shoulders and made my arms look almost skinny. The folds and puffs make me look thinner than just wearing a plain t-shirt. After buying this, we walked into another shop and found the exact same cardigan for a whole lot more then we bought it. So I definitely love this cardigan and would recommend it.

So, how many of the Must have’s do you have? And what is your personal ‘Top 5 Must haves’? Share and let us know.

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35 thoughts on “Top 5 Fashion Must Haves in Your Closet

    1. hey aruna, ppl in India wear all this and more. You come North, maybe Delhi in winters to witness boyfriend jackets, cardigans. Boots, scarfs, checks in all season in most metros.

    2. well technically i can wear all this stuff even in summer 😛 but i’m guessing delhi summer is super hot

  1. Nice post.
    For me, the 5 fashion must haves (western wear) are;
    A nice sheath dress
    A knee length skirt in a dark colour
    A white button-down shirt
    Nice black trousers
    Black slingbacks/ pumps

    1. nice! let me guess you’re a lawyer or a business woman 😉 because those some really nice stuff i’d wear when i get out of college.

  2. oh let me put down my top 5 too

    white shirt
    smart stilletos
    blue jeans
    black trousers – slim fit for me
    feminine top – floral print perhaps

  3. Hahahahahaa bf jackets, cardigans and boots in the Mumbai heat are just WRONG ! but yeah these would work anywhere with more permissable weather 😛

  4. gud rticle p cyra…
    but i cant even imagine all dis in delhi ki heaaatt…… 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐
    thz r surely grt fashion trends for winters… :waytogo: :waytogo: :waytogo:

  5. I do not have any of these!!!

    Well, except for the checks shirt!!! Which I love!!! :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: for the checklist!!

  6. delhi is hot all year out? well its a general post. didnt know so many were from delhi. check shirt works anywhere.

  7. Mine:
    1. Black stilletoes
    2. A nice floral dress, mid claf length coz i generally don’t wear chotu chotu dresses
    3. A beautiful white top
    4. Breezy chiffon saree
    5. Black trousers

    To top it all a MEGAWATT SMILE 😉

    1. i love that you added a saree to your list. i’ve never had one. i personally have respect for those indian girls who wear saree AND stilletoes all at the same time haha. i cant do that. :toothygrin:

  8. I wear my boots only in Delhi winters….here in Mumbai I cant even think of removing them out of the closet. Cardigans are also for winters.
    Yes I do have many scarves which I wear in winters and summers also for protection and style!!
    I am yet to buy a Boyfriend jacket….its on my hitlist!!
    THanx for the compilation Cyra :)) :yes: :yes:

    1. hi komal. yeah i’m new. Im originally from afghanistan but i lived in malaysia. kinda all my life. im writing fashion articles to pursue a career as a writer. what bout you?

  9. nice compilation.. :waytogo:
    i just cant limit myself to 5 or 10 or even 15 must haves!! my must haves change with seasons and trends.. but my staples wud be:
    white shirt and casual tshirts
    dark blue, dark black, faded blue, light grey jeans
    straight fit trousers
    floral print and patternd dresses
    boyfriend tshirt
    linen pajamas
    lacey spagettis
    flats- ballet, loafers, oxfords, kohlapuri chappals
    salwar kurtis
    and a whole different list for winters.. 😉

  10. Wold like to add a point- Cardigans sirf winters ke nahi hote- they are for spring and summer too;… but they are not thick- very light flowy types-just to wear on tanks and bandeau tops- I got 2 yesterday- 😀
    and loved the article P Cyra 🙂 And I love the BF blazer concept- looks very chic and goes with dresses to trousers to jeans… 🙂

  11. Nice List but for Dilli Winters only.. 😀 otherwise Check Shirt & Scarf are on my shopping list. 😛 . Rest i will purchase them in Winters.. :happydance: :happydance: :happydance: Thank you Cyra.. :thanks:

  12. Nice list. Though the items are suitable for cooler weather. Thankfully, being from Bangalore its easier to find an occasion to wear them. I have a pair of tan knee length boots and i absolutely love them.

  13. hey …i had cardigan and boyfriend jackets in my shopping list now that i am going to be relocated from cochin…could any one tell me where to find these in chennai, bangalore or cohin???

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