Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips for Lazy Girls

By Vaibhavi Joshi

Hello IMBB beauties!

Here is Vaibhavi and I’m new to this blog. It’s a matter of pride for me to be a part of IMBB. As most of the girls in their later teens and early twenties, I too am busy with my college life. There is a lot of pressure of studies and of other college activities. And, in all this mess, I don’t get time to take care of myself and I’m particularly lazy in keeping myself fit and healthy in this stressful life. So for all the lazy beauties, it’s time to become active and follow the principle of “Health is Wealth. With lots of research and personal experience, I have come up with these top 5 fitness and health tips.

Top 5 Health and Fitness Tips for Lazy Girls

1. Practice Healthy Eating

healthy eating

It is said that if you are healthy inside, it reflects on your beauty outside, and having a balance diet is most important to stay fit and healthy. Proper intake of minerals, vitamins and proteins is necessary for our body to work with full energy, and to keep all health related issues at bay. So, include fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, lentils, legumes and dairy products in your diet. Try to eat every 2 hours to keep metabolism rate active. Most importantly, never overeat.

2. Stay Hydrated

flavored water weight loss

Drinking water not only fulfills our thirst, it also helps our body to flush out all toxins. Water also aids proper digestion, proper blood circulation and keeps all skin related problems away. So make a habit of drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day. Drinking water should be avoided during or immediately after the meals. Try to consume luke warm water whenever possible with a hint of lime juice in it.

3. Practice Yoga

Yoga Warrior Pose

In this busy life, most of us don’t have the time to go to the gym and spend 1-2 hours a day to look fit. But, there is a simple solution – just practice yoga for 20 minutes a day. Yoga helps in proper blood circulation, it improves flexibility, makes muscles stronger, relieves stress, promotes good posture and keeps you active and fit all day long. It also saves your money. If yoga is not a very attractive option for you, play some loud music and dance for a few minutes everyday.

4. Proper Sleep

woman sleeping

I know this will be the favourite part of all lazy beauties like me, but this is a serious issue. Give your body some time to relax and to take break from whole day busy schedule. Make sure you get atleast 7-8 hours of a good night sleep. This also helps your brain to function properly, and hence will make you more alert and attentive.

5. Stay Happy

happy woman with flower

Don’t just stay at home the whole day with your T.V or smartphone. Go out and interact, make friends, laugh, listen and talk. Stop judging people and brooding over petty issues. There is one principle in my life – “The Girl who is Happy is the most Prettiest Girl in the World” and staying happy also keeps your body happy. So keep smiling. 🙂

Some Bonus Tips:

1. Avoid junk food and sweets.
2. Avoid chemical based products or processed food products.
3. Always eat fresh, seasonal fruits and veggies.
4. Smoking, drinking alcohol and drugs should be totally out of your list.
5. Don’t take stress.
6. Never skip your breakfast and have a light dinner.

This is what I have learnt and love to do. Hope these tips will also work for you all, my friends. Yes, I will recommend these tips to everyone who wants to stay fit and healthy.

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