Top 5 Make Up Mistakes

So I have showed you all some makeup How-to’s. Now I think is the time for me to tell you guys the exact opposite- “makeup don’ts”. The following are the top 5 Makeup mistakes we all commit, including celebrities.

1. Wrong foundation shade/Too much foundation.

Many women of color choose foundation with the wrong undertone, or choose a completely unsuitable shade either because they are unaware or they choose lighter shade to make themselves look fair [I call it the ghori syndrome].Then of course there is the application of too much foundation or powder hoping it would make you look lighter-Another infliction of the ghori syndrome.

Rani Mukherjee Makeup
Too Much Foundation

WRONG SHADE of Foundation

celina-jaitley makeup
Wrong foundation

Too much foundation/powder [who else thinks she need lesson in accessorizing too?]

ADVICE: Please, please leave the “gori syndrome” behind. Be comfortable in the skin you are. Being fair is not what makes you beautiful. Take care of your skin that is what matters. Cleopatra was not a ghori.

Solution: Test the foundation on your jaw line- Not the inner part of the arm. Always check the color in natural sunlight. You can always ask for samples if you are unsure. If you are not scarred or has really bad skin there is no need to cake on that foundation. You can even opt for a tinted moisturizer. Powder is for keeping your face oil free and matte. It is necessary but DON’T press it on, pat it on or Use a fluffy brush and brush it lightly all over the face.


This mistake is commonly seen among older women. But there are younger women who commit this too. There are those who think that lining outside their lips can make it look fuller, and then there are the ones who line their lips in a whole different color from their lipstick. This is a certain no-no. And also if you just line your lips outside after sometime you will be left with an outline around your lips with no lip color inside the lines.

kareena Kapoor Makeup
Too dark lip liner/or maybe faded off lipstick

Solution: If you use a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick then it can make your lips look fuller. You should always use a color that matches your lipstick different colors are not good-never! When you line your lips make sure you fill in using the lip liner before putting on lipstick. Lip liners are always more long-lasting than lipsticks and even when your lipsticks fade after a while the lip liner will give your lips color. Remember-lip liners should match OR be 1 or 2 shades darker than the lip color.


Even if you are really gorgeous, there is no way that anyone can pull of a look highlighting more than one feature on your face. The common thing people do is do a Smokey eye AND a bold lip or use way too much blush with heavy eyes or lips.

Amisha Patel Makeup
Playing up eyes & lips
aishwarya Rai Makeup
Heavy blush with heavy eye makeup

SOLUTION: Try to know what your best feature is and play that up. If you have pretty eyes opt for a Smokey eye to draw attention to your eyes and then keep the rest of your face neutral with a nude or transparent gloss and a light touch of peachy blush. If you have good full lips then play that up with a bold lip color and keep the rest of you face minimal just apply lots of mascara and a hint of blush. Never apply heavy blush with heavy lips or eyes. If your whole face is kept minimal then you can do it to give your face a young and innocent look.


If you are not going to perform at a Bharathanatyam concert, then don’t use thick black liquid liner on top and bottom lash line. Kajal is ok. Maybe a thin line using liquid liner is ok too. Lining top and bottom lash line is just going to close up your eyes and make it look teeny. It will bring attention to your eyes sure, and then when they take a look again they will run off scared.

Bipasha Basu Makeup
Heavy liner on top and bottom lash line
Bipasha Basu make up
Why? Bipasha? why?

Solution: Line your top lash line only, and then use a kajal or an eye pencil to line the inner rims. Never ever attempt the above Bipasha Basu look. An alternative is if you used eye shadow then you can use the darkest shade you used and use it on your bottom lash line.


Makeup can make you look good. But that does not mean it is a magic wand. It can only make those things look good which are at least normal. You can just not take of your skin and hope that makeup will cover everything up.

Karishma Kapoor Make up
Bad skin, covered up with makeup buts still showing the problems
Celina Jaitley Makeup
Bad skin, covered up with makeup buts still showing the problems

Solution: Take care of your skin. Even if you don’t have the perfect skin, at least try to make it look half decent. Follow a skincare regime, and drink lots of water and eat nutritious food.


I think she has combined the above ideas of bad makeup for inspiration, then added her own touches and voila! The monstrosity!

Kiran Rathod
My eyes, My Eyes

[My eyes! My eyes! ]

Today’s Pick is Maria La RosaFlorencia Straw Basket – Dark Dijon

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39 thoughts on “Top 5 Make Up Mistakes

  1. nice post Fathima……ha ha 2 back-to-back posts featuring the same pic of celina to show what not to do!!! LOL I think she is soon becoming an icon of makeup gone wrong!!!

  2. wel said HD, may be this way she wants to get noticed:chic:
    Fathima, u seem to hv done a lot of research…..

  3. fundoo post Fathima….thoroughly enjoyed every bit of it :yes:

    @ Rati : your blog is overflowing with Celina’s pic 😉

    1. I really wonder at times if it is sooo difficult to figure out something is so obviously wrong???? I mean dont they check themselves in the mirror before lvng?? n if they do how the hell can they not see which sooo many of us ‘normal’ ppl can see!!!

  4. most of these women are dressed for the stage so it’s a bit unfair to judge them! we all know that for makeup to show up on stage, it has to be applied with a VERY heavy hand. i would give a clean chit to most of the women shown above. there’s a reason why all these actresses refuse to wear any form of makeup on a regular day. it’s coz their skin is otherwise choked with too much of it!
    .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Big Ass Thunder Thighs! =-.

    1. but these make good examples for all the makeup faux pas that women make. i can probably forgive all these actresses, but i can’t forgive a woman walking down the road with such abysmal stuff on her face!
      .-= Rima Kaur´s last blog ..Big Ass Thunder Thighs! =-.

    2. Rima ,

      I agree that stage makeup can be quite heavy , but there are people who do it right , and those that kill it ! I would say that a women walking down the road would probably not have much exposure to perfect makeup techniques.But these people have the exposure and money power to hire a good makeup artist. SO , IMO these people can afford to look a whole lot better !

      1. @rima, u r right.
        @jane, u too right.
        but i liked bipasha basu’s eye make up.its frm run movie i guess .her eyes r really beautiful. i seen its tutorial on youtube also. i think it can b worn at party if any1 wants a different look.i may b wrong. haven’t tried myself yet so can’t say.

        1. i dont know…..i think bip’s eyemakeup look is worse than usual in this one…she usually gets it right and her best feature is her eyes too….

  5. Rati, the last actress is a hindi actress who migrated to south….she is I think called “Kiran” or something….she did a bit role in Hrithik Roshan’s “Yadeein”

    1. thanks!! god jomo..ur head is filled with so much useless information …LOL……how the hell did u kno that she is a northie??i had to google to know her name!!!

  6. Im a makeup artist and all your tips are wrong! the 1st 2 pics are not wearing “wrong foundation” they look nice and bright/lighty….your just jealous!! maybe you wanna look dim/dark/evil looking..but dont go around with your jealousy trying to find flaw on people’s makeup! u look bitter and jealous

    thick eyeliner is a makeup style! arabs do it! its known! you cant tell people how to wear their makeup!! there are no rules to it..stop following the tips of these homely americans who over bronze and crap!
    the only thing you said right is if you have acne or anything lik ethat, dont wear foundation! you should clear up your face first!
    thats about it!

  7. when I think of Thick eyeliner I think of Halima Boland! an Arab beauty!!!
    she has many gorgeous pics too!!
    Arab women are known worldwide and throughout history are BEYOND GORGEOUS!
    there is such thing as “arab makeup” which consists of thick liner! go on youtube and see that every makeup guru has done an arab inspired look!!! its usually people with small beety eyes that have issues with it because they cant pull it off so they dont want anyone else’s eyes looking big and beautiful.
    so I dont agree for a second with any of these stupid “tips”
    celina jaitley and the other chik after her looked fine! people who are dark skin want to claim everyone else as dark skin to make themselves feel better!
    Alot of white people bronze and darken their skin…so what???
    some people prefer light skin some prefer dark, its not like any of these girls are dark to begin with. people who are light get light and lighter.
    its known.
    I wont even start with “lip liner”
    this blog is all types of ridiculous

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