Top 5 Products for Skincare Beginners

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I remember that feeling when I got my first official nasty pimple on my cheek and my aunty made some real funny comments about teenage and stuff! LOL! you know what I mean. Teenage is marked by arrival of pimples and many other skin issues which must be taken care of properly. It’s the high time we take care of our skin so that this extremely youthful skin stays like this for as long as it’s naturally possible. Of course we age so does our skin. Today, I have some really nice, ‘loved by majority’ type skin care products for beginners. The best part about these is that they never breakout or cause any allergic reaction on any skin type. So, grab these and maintain the beauty of your bouncy youthful skin.

skincare beginner

1. Patanjali Aloevera Gel

Patanjali Aloe Vera

Oh my my! I can’t brag enough about this thing. This is the most amazing budget friendly Aloevera gel in the market. It can be applied alone, mixed in face packs and used as a primer beneath makeup also. Look at the price tag. What else do you want in your life? It is a great day time moisturiser for all types of skin. At night, add some drops of almond oil and it will nourish your skin like a dream. Majority says it never broke them out. I say ‘Aye-aye’!

2. Kama Rose Water

kama rose water

Everyone raves about it because it deserves all the raving and hype. I have used so many rose waters in the past but I always get back to it. It’s easy to apply as it comes with a spray nozzle. Kama Rose Water smells amazing and it keeps your skin hydrated all day long. Price is a bit high but for the effect it would have on your skin, you won’t mind. You can spray it on the top of your makeup to make it dewy; 2-3 sprays and dab it with your makeup sponge.

3. Cetaphil Cleanser

cetaphil cleanser

Foaming face washes can be over drying for teenagers. Here, Cetaphil cleanser range comes to rescue. It removes moderate makeup very well. Even the most sensitive skin loves Cetaphil. Its ingredients are simple and it just makes your skin as it was. No high claims of fairness and all, just pure cleansing. Cetaphil is a must try when you have severe breakouts. My dermatologist prescribed me Cetaphil during Chickenpox; trust me it helped. Not a single mark on my face! Also, there are different variants to choose from.

4. Kunkumadi Thailam

kumkumadi thailam

This is a wonder beauty oil. It nourishes your skin from deep within. Once you get hooked on it you will know it is going to be your go-to facial oil for lifetime. It’s not very expensive like other facial oils and serums in the market but it does its job very well.

5. Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream

aroma magic almond under eye cream

Teenage students study in late night hours and it contributes a lot to dark circles. Why not nip the dark circles in their developing stage with the wonder economical cream by Aroma Magic? Its main ingredient is Almond which is high in vitamin E. This cream has a great formulation, consistency and affordable price tag. Aroma Magic Almond Under Eye Cream is easily available in local drug stores and online. So, grab this eye cream to lock that fine lines under eye area in your teens.

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