Top 5 Reasons Your Skin is Looking Dull and Lifeless

Glowing skin is one such major beauty goal in our lives. We spend huge sums of money in parlours and spas to get that glow and youthfulness but end up looking dull and lifeless within a day or two of treatments like cleansing, facials etc. Here we need to understand that your skin is a reflection of what your body is from inside. Lack of micro nutrients, dehydration, fat accumulation etc are some basic problems which can make your skin look dull and lifeless. Today’s post has some detailed explanation of the real culprit behind this dullness and also some bonus tried and tested tips (from my granny’s skin care treasure) to help you look amazing and glowing every single day. Please keep reading to explore.

honey for dull skin

1. Dehydration:


It is one of the most common cause behind the dullness of your skin. Such skin is often flaky, itchy, sensitive, feels tight and look very dull. It simply means your skin is lacking water. Such kind of skin can appear very oily and also dry at the same time. No oil based products work on such skin because it needs aqua based products like a hydrating toner, masque and moisturizers to counter the dullness. Also, fruits high in water content, really rejuvenate the skin and makes it look plump.

2. Sun Burn:


Sun burned skin or tanned skin looks very dull. Not all tans are supposed to make you look like a bronzy goddess. The golden tan can become a hot red mess in a matter of hours so avoid prolong exposing in the sun. Always wear the sunscreen and protect yourself from harmful UV rays which can make your skin look lifeless and also are a major reason behind skin cancer.

3. Wrong food habits:


Don’t tell me you are big foodie (all the junk and street food make it to your three meals of the day most of the times) and then you expect a soft supple, soft as baby’s bottom youthful skin. Honestly, that’s too much to ask ladies. Keep your diet healthy. Cut off sugar, spices and unhealthy fats immediately to see the difference overnight. It happens trust me. Take less or no salt and next day your face is going to look less puffy and any redness will also reduce, if you lower your spice intake.

4. No treatments:


If home remedies are failing you, you must head to a good salon to get yourself and your skin pampered. Your skin will love a good massage and it will rejuvenate. If you are a beginner, get a cleanup and then head towards complex facials. Hair spa, body massage, pedicure and manicure are some basic treatments for you to start with. Microdermabrasion and some other a bit invasive techniques can also be chosen if you have severe pigmentation, spots and stubborn dullness to deal with.

5. Sleeping with makeup on:


This is the biggest mistake, which is making your skin dead and lifeless. You must remove the makeup before hitting the bed, period! It will block your pores, your skin won’t breathe and then it’s going to cause you breakouts. Hence, terrible pimple marks and scars stay on your face forever. These marks make your overall complexion so dull. Always remove your makeup and then follow CTM routine.

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