Top 5 Rules For Perfect Makeup

Top 5 Rules For Perfect Makeup

Hey Ladies,

This article is very beneficial to everyone, especially for those who are just starting to experience with makeup. It is always good to remind yourself what rules you should follow to prevent a lot of mistakes.

Top 5 Rules For Perfect Makeup

First Rule:

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The tone of your foundation and powder should match your natural skin tone. This is in my opinion the most important rule because if you do not follow this rule, you will most likely get a lot of stares, not because you are looking fabulous, but because you are looking funny.

Second Rule:

Never go to sleep with makeup on your face. This can cause a lot of damage to your skin. Your skin can break out because of the pores being clogged and this can cause scarring on your face. I know sometimes I feel too tired to remove my makeup, but I force myself and afterwards I am very happy that I did wash off everything.

Third Rule:


If you have a dramatic smokey going on, do not wear a dramatic lip color or vice versa. That truly makes you look overdone if you don’t follow this rule. You can wear a nude lip with a dramatic smokey eye or a neutral smokey eye with a bright lip.

Fourth Rule:

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Don’t use too much bronzer.  Some women think the more the bronzer the better but that is wrong. A little will go a long way. No matter what kind of smokey eye or lip you have, never apply too much bronzer!

Fifth Rule:


Always use an eyeshadow primer. You don’t want to look like a mess at the end of the day or have the eyeshadow disappear almost as soon as you put it on your eyelids.

I hope this article was interesting and beneficial to a lot of you out there.

As always have a wonderful day!!

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18 thoughts on “Top 5 Rules For Perfect Makeup

  1. I agree with all of the rules Sahar….. never tried a bronzer though, but i’m sure this rule is a must:)
    and I swear by the first rule… gimme no other make-up stuff, but plzzz give me foundation, concealer and powder matching my skin tone…

    1. haha yea me too. i am using selftanners and i dnt apply any tanners on my face which makes me look like a ghost but my body is nice tanned 🙂 foundation is a must.

  2. Sahar I do sleep with makeup on sometimes when I am too tired.. like I just wash my face with water and snoooze off.. I will keep in mind never to do that again 🙂

    1. aww 🙂 yes you should. if you dnt break out you can afford to do that . but me? if i keep my makeup on i am scared to look in the mirror the next day -_-

    2. hey dipti it happens with me as well. thats why i keep makeup removing wipes. when i am tired(lazy) i just grab a tissue from the pack and wipe my face clean.

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