Top 6 Supplements Every Woman Needs to Take

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Today I am going to talk about that aspect of our lives which we are very well aware of but tend to ignore knowingly or unknowingly. As a woman our body is so versatile that we ourselves are not aware of what it is capable of doing. Many a times we ignore what our body needs in order to function at its best capacity. We generally get various nutrients from the food we eat which is vegetables, fruits and whole grains. But it is very difficult to be 100% sure whether our body is receiving and accepting these nutrients to its fullest. And here comes the saviour SUPPLEMENTS. I am not an expert on this topic but I have been on supplements for the past 7 years now and I can see the difference between me and my colleagues who are of the same age in terms of health, stamina and energy. I have read quite a bit about all this and this post is just a way to share all that with you gorgeous ladies out there.

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

With the kind of pollution and lifestyle we live in, the food quality has definitely gone down. Also pesticides and artificial ripening are on the high day by day. With such circumstances, our body is the one which suffers the maximum. We cannot increase the portions we eat to get the desired nutrients and we can be never sure that the so called organic stuff is really organic in nature or not. With all these issues, a major portion of young population is facing medical challenges at an early age. We get to hear that young people at the age of 24 to 30 are having heart attacks. I mean this is so scary. Our grandparents and their parents could live till the age of 80’s. But the life expectancy has reduced considerably for our generation and the generations to come.

Also as a woman we undergo a lot of changes throughout our lives and our requirements are different from that of other men and for a matter of fact other women as well. Every woman requires different supplementations in accordance with the need of her body and one must always consult their doctors before starting off on them. Here I am mentioning a few supplements which we ladies do require.

1) Multi-vitamins

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

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Generally a healthy diet full of veggies, fruits, meat is sufficient enough to get you your daily dose of multi-vitamins. But with the lifestyle and food quality there will always be a gap between what is required and what is being received. Women who do heavy workouts need more to recover from them. Look for multi-vitamins that provide the daily value for vitamins A, C, D, E, B-6, B-12, folic acid, copper, zinc and iron.

2) Protein

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

You might think that protein is only supposed to be for the guys, but get that out of your mind. It helps fight cravings for unhealthy foods, keeps you energized for workouts and also helps lose considerable tummy fat. Protein is also required for the wear and tear of the muscle after workouts. Always go for protein which is not flavoured so as to avoid carbs in the sweetener.

3) Omega 3

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

Omega 3 assists in proper brain operation, is important for cognitive (brain memory and performance) and behavioural function, helps reduce high blood pressure and calms inflammation. Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid (EFA) that we need to include in our diet because our bodies cannot create them by itself. These are great for cardiovascular health and help your body in rebuilding cells. One of the best that I know about is the closest compatible to human cell is the Omega 3 fatty acids from Salmon fish. Also nuts are a good source.

4) Calcium

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

Our body needs calcium to build and maintain strong bones, keep teeth strong, help muscles and blood vessels to contract and expand, to secrete various hormones and send messages through our nervous system. Calcium is very essential for adults and postmenopausal women. Dairy products such as milk, cheese and yogurt, and dark-green leafy vegetables such as broccoli are good sources of Calcium.

5) Iron

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

Iron helps in carrying oxygen in the body, helps in the production of red blood cells, supports our immune system, regulates the body temperature and helps for proper growth of cells in the body. Lack of iron causes anaemia, fatigue, and decreased immune functionality. During periods we lose a great amount of iron from the body. Lean red meat, chicken, turkey, fish, cereals, beans, whole grains, and dark-green leafy vegetables are good sources of iron. Also don’t forget to get your Vitamin C since it helps in iron absorption.

6) Antioxidants

Top 6 Supplements Every Women Needs to Take

This is so far the most important supplement which one must incorporate in their daily lives. Antioxidants protect the body and cells from the damage of free radicals. Antioxidants are a must for women as we suffer from a lot of stress. I mean getting up early and preparing tiffin for your kid on time might seem to be a normal job but trust me it also gives stress which we do not realise. Antioxidants help in eliminating toxins from the body. Also women who workout a lot need to take antioxidants regularly.
On a final thought I would highly recommend you to investigate further and consult your doctors to start on a supplementation programme.

Everybody is different and requires different types and dosages of supplements. My 3 year old daughter too is on a supplementation programme and I am sure that is a proof enough of its benefits as a mother would always be careful of what she gives to her children.
There are a number of brands available in the market but I would always go for naturally made supplements rather than synthetic ones.

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13 thoughts on “Top 6 Supplements Every Woman Needs to Take

  1. This is so right. Nice compilation Sayli. I too take the required supplements.
    And anyone who wishes to start, better consult your physician or better your dietician.
    My personal experience is doctor’s generally don’t advise anything more than b-complex and cod-liver oil (for omega-3) unless you suffer from anything. But supplements are required as equal as you need your daily meals in today’s environment.

  2. I do not take any supplements at the moment, but will soon consult my doctor and add the necessary ones. It has become quite a necessity in today’s time when everything we get is adulterated. 🙁

  3. amazing sayli, I wanna kill myself, my omega 3, calcium, multivitamin all lie pretty on top of the fridge! I hate myself!

  4. I haven’t taken any supplements so far but after reading your post, I think I should make an appointment and ask my doctor which ones do I need 😀 Thanks Sayali 😀

  5. Hi Sayli, Which supplements are meant to provide the benefits of antioxidants? I am very curious. Please let me know.

  6. brilliant post. the only thing i take is protein that too forcibly. 😐 need to figure out the rest for sure . 🙂 thanks for sharing!

    1. As far as I know I think they do have..better consult a nutritionist Jomol..they might know which one is better and also d dosage as I know for sure that when I was pregnant I was taking double d dosage for d better brain and organs development of my child..

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