Top 8 Blush Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

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Not every one of us is a pro at makeup and not everyone can get those techniques right. It’s the love for makeup within us that keeps us going and for a few of us the desire to learn the right techniques never fades. Makeup itself is a vast topic to discuss. When it comes to makeup, I am a blush and lipstick person. Today, let’s take a look at the top 8 blush related mistakes you could be making and how to fix them.

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Choosing the wrong shade

types of blushes

Right tone, right colour and right formulation are what you always need to keep in mind while choosing a blush for yourself. The colour of the blush should flatter your skin’s natural undertone. Many of us do not consider our skin type and complexion before buying a blush. It is advisable to use a light pale blush for fairer skins and lighter complexions. Read this brilliant article to find out which shades are right for you – How to Find the Right Blush Shade for Your Skin Tone.

A blush enhances your cheeks and complements the rest of your makeup. Kareena Kapoor just got this one right! The colour of the blush here in the picture is just perfect and complementing her skin tone so well.
kareena kapoor perfect blush shade

Whereas, sadly, the style diva Sonam Kapoor got it wrong. You see how off the color of her blush is looking. This is an unflattering shade for her skin tone.
choosing the wrong shade of blush

Applying the wrong amount

“Anything too much is too bad,” said someone! It’s the same when it comes to makeup. A little excess mascara or lipstick will do but excess blush will just spoil the look. Also, a little too less of the blush wouldn’t add anything to the look. In case you’ve picked up excess blush, you can tap it off at the back of your hand.

Not choosing a blush according to your skin type

Blushes are usually available in powder form, which suits every skin type. Still, it is advisable that you check the texture of the blush. For example, cream blushes are perfect for dry skin and gel blushes are best for oily skin. Choosing your blushes wisely, according to your skin type, will definitely impact the overall outcome of your makeup look.

Applying it too high or too low

applying blush too high

A blush needs to be applied exactly on the heavier part of your cheek. The part, which you feel, is the heaviest when you smile – that is, the skin right on the top of your cheekbones. Some of us make the mistake of running the brush too high touching the hair. While applying the blush around or too low below the cheekbone would end up giving you a look like an 80’s heroine. Also, make sure you lightly sweep the brush in the right direction just once or twice, making the tint skin look natural.

Giving too many touch ups

Applying too much of face powder or compact powder over the blush may fade the colour of your actual brush. Then again, giving too many touch ups and then applying a little more blush is sure to spoil the whole look, making your makeup look cakey. Just gently dust the face powder over your face to set the makeup. Applying coats and coats of compact or pressed powder will fade away the blush. Ideally, you can apply your blusher after setting your base makeup with your compact.

Not blending the blush properly

aishwarya rai perfect blush

One shouldn’t make the blush look more obvious. It is very important you use the right tool and blend the blush well. If you are using a brush, make sure you tap it well to remove the excess powder and make strokes from your cheeks to the sides of your face. Any kind of sponge will also do. Also, make sure it penetrates inside the skin to give a very subtle, natural look. The real secret to getting the blush right is to blend and blend. Can anyone get it more right than Aishwarya Rai? I mean, just look at her! How beautifully has she blended the blush!

Using blush to contour

Many people contour their face with blush. But contouring products will do a better job than a blush. Basically contouring uplifts and enhances your facial features. Not every blush can get you the correct look. It is better to avoid blush contouring and try some amazing contouring products to make your features appear chiseled.

Getting it closer to your nose

how to apply powder blush perfectly

Applying the same amount of blush on both the cheeks is important to get that amazingly perfect blush look. But, wait! What is even more important is that you maintain an inch’s gap from your nose. Getting the blush closer to your nose or touching your nose will give you a puppet kind of a look. It gives you a look as though you are suffering from a cold.

Tip: Before applying the blush always smile to check for the apples of your cheek (the fat on the cheek bone) and apply blush exactly on them, leaving an inch gap from your nose.

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