Top 8 Tips For Clear Skin

Today, I am going to share with you some basic and essential skin care tips which get neglected due to our busy lifestyle.

Top 8 Tips For Clear Skin

Some basic everyday skin care tips:

Dear all,

I have been wanting to write this article since a very long time but due to some or other reason, it kept on delaying. Finally, here I am with some very basic skin care tips which I am sure we are all aware but may be due to pure laziness or time constraints we are not able to follow them. These for me are Unsung Heroes of Skin Care and if we follow them religiously, I am sure everyone of us can get flawless skin! So, without any further delay, let’s get started.

1) Drink at least 2 litres of water every day:

Drink Water

I know drinking plenty of watery is advised and we keep hearing it all the time, but think back and tell me how many of us actually follow the practice of drinking minimum 2 litres of water every day? Put your hands up! I didn’t! Though we all try very hard, but somehow it gets missed, especially when you are in an office tied up in work or travelling or being pure lazy. Solution? Set reminders! Yes, in today’s advanced world, we have so many useful technologies in and around ourself which we can use. Set reminders every hour on your mobile or laptops to drink water. Trust me it works!

2) Change your pillow covers and hand towels:

Satin Pillow

Let me share a personal experience here with you all. I have always had oily to combination skin, though now I don’t get those ugly big pimples, but I do get a zit every now and then and they always appeared on my right side of the face.  Suddenly, one day it just came to me that the culprit was my pillow cover! I have a bit of sleeping on my right side, obviously with the face touching the pillow. Thereafter, I have always always made sure I change my pillow covers once weekly! Trust me, it really works! Also, always use clean and washed hand towels. You don’t want all the dirt and germs from previous use to go on your clean face! Washing hand towel hardly takes a minute, so don’t get lazy and use fresh clean towel every day!

3) Keep Your Stomach Clean:

Gross, I know but its the bitter truth! We often complain that during periods we get one or two pimples, stomach ache, etc., part of that happens due to hormone changes, but part of that also happens due to bad stomach! My mom always says that upset stomach is the basis for all problems and I truly believe it! Did you know people prone to acidity get more zits and whiteheads? Skin’s looking dull and lifeless means lack of healthy diet, bloating? Sometimes, our stomach is so loaded that even if we intake fruits and healthy diet that may not get digested properly resulting in secretion of acids. So, its good to empty your stomach every week, start with milk of magnesia. My gynaecology aunt suggested it and its absolutely mild and will not make you sit in toilet for the entire day!

Celebrity tip:

Top 8 Tips For Clear Skin

Sister-goals! I would say 🙂 Whether with makeup or without makeup, Kareena and Karishma look great. When asked about their skin care secrets, Karishma and Kareena admit that they never skip including leafy vegetables in their diet. So, always try to keep your stomach clean by eating more of fresh fruits and vegetables. Simple yet effective, isn’t it?

4) Exercise at least 4 times a week:


Yes, again we have heard so much about exercising, but do we really follow this rule? For example, take my case.  I try so hard to exercise every day, at least go for a walk, but half the time I have a long list of excuses (“its raining today, too tired from work, got to cook etc.”)  Determination to do workout is all that is required and once you have that, you are on the right track! The initial few days, you may feel that its not going to work out, but don’t give up and keep going because you will love the end results! Try doing yoga which is exceptionally good for relieving stress and helps to gain balance in your fast life.  Exercising increases your blood flow which in turn helps in pumping more blood and oxygen which in turn gives you that perfect glow on lifeless skin! Sweating actually is good for your skin, it throws away all the toxins and impurities from the skin and also opens up the pores which allows the skin to breathe better. Exercise will also help you with stress relief and high metabolism.

5) Do Not Touch Your Face:


This is one of the most important points we all keep forgetting. I have a very bad habit of touching my face unconsciously and my aunt always used to remind me not to do it because this gets all the dirt and germs from our hands on to our face. We should avoid touching our face with our hands, especially during day time, because while working, you don’t know where all you have touched and what all germs are present on your hands which then go to face, you have to then always sanitize your hands first.

6) Avoid Late Nights:

Again, we all know that we should at least sleep 7 hours of the day, but do we really get that much time from our partying, social gatherings, movie nights, online surfing, etc? This does not mean you can be awake the entire night and sleep during the day time.  No, this will not help.  In fact, it will damage the normal functioning of your body. Our human body needs sleep to repair the tissue wear and tear which happens during the day time.  It requires the muscles to relax which helps their proper funcitoning increasing in blood flow and oxygen. If you get proper sleep, your dark circles will reduce, the facial skin will look plump and hydrated no more dull and lifeless skin!

7) Keep Your Hair Away From Your Face:

Kim Kardarshian

Have you noticed that every girl in today’s world has hairstyles in terms of layers, front bangs, fringes? I am not saying its wrong but then your hair goes through a lot during day time travelling in bus, trains or autos, which makes your hair oily and loaded with dirt! Not everyone of us wash their hair every day, so what happens when these hair loaded with dirt start sticking to your face? Isn’t it obvious? Always try to keep your hair away from your face at least while sleeping.  While travelling, tie a scarf around your hair to protect it from heat, dirt and pollution. Take special care if your hair is oiled because oil is good for your scalp not for your facial skin, not hair oil any way!

8) Take Multivitamins:


Okay, I am sure now you must be thinking I am crazy but before you come to that conclusion, hear me out. Now, you would think why should I go for multivitamins, especially if I am having a healthy and rich diet loaded with proteins, vitamins, etc. Yes, you still need it! Every food item we consume is adulterated. Farmers spray loads of chemical and pesticides on the crops which obviously gets into our fruits and vegetables. God only knows how much of that vitamins, minerals and proteins we are getting from these so-called fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits are often injected with colors, especially watermelons. I have seen artificial dark red color looking watermelons! Also, most of our protein diet is processed wheat, pulses, dals, etc. Because of all this, it is essential that we take multivitamins in order to give the body the missing nutrients which our food does not give and its important to understand that there is nothing wrong in that! Always, take multivitamins prescribed by your doctor only.

Hope this article was helpful, until next time, take care and stay beautiful!

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22 thoughts on “Top 8 Tips For Clear Skin

  1. Excellent write up Pari..I think u wud’nt mind me calling u like dat 🙂

    I totally agree to ur point no 1 & 4.I regularly workout atleast 4 times a week and drink atleast 3 lit water everyday..and it does wonders 🙂

  2. Hi,

    how milk of magnesia work. i really dont have bad stomach but sometimes its really irritate.

    I drink lots of lots of water. and its really make difference..


  3. Wonderful article :-):-)i must really thank you for this article! I dont follow all this even after knowing these points due to hectic college life!!
    And yes drinking enough water definitely makes a difference 🙂

  4. clear skin? a quest I am on ! I’v recently tried switching from store bought products to natural products.. iv chucked the face wash, scrub, masks loaded with ??? ingredients and now I have products like lemon, honey and oatmeal sitting on my bathroom shelf! what a difference it has made! my skin literally feels nourished ! stick with natural products for a while and you will feel the difference 🙂

  5. Great writeup Pari! I try to follow them all. one stupid question: what is milk of magnesia? I am sorry but I dont know what it is…

  6. Ila, its a medication used for short term constipation. Its a laxative and antacid. Also used for indigestion and heart burn. Do consult a doctor before taking it though, coz long term usage might cause dependance.

  7. Great article Parita i try to follow some of the rules like drinking water, changing pillow cover n working out

  8. Hi Parita,
    You k now what i am getting to be husge fan of yours! The other day i got some Kryolan prodcuts because you suggested! And i was so happy that most of my fashion woes are solved! And ehre youa re with one more write up ! The more i read the more I am beginning to like you !

  9. Bingo Pari (reminds me of that song -Pari hun mein, love that song). i too have pimples on the right side of my face, since i too sleep on my right. even thou we know abt these basic tips, we tend to forget or overlook due to out hectic lifestyle. gud article

  10. My hands were on my face when I was reading the 5th point!! Removed them instantly!!
    Will try to follow all of these…thanks for the tips Parita!!

  11. Parita, thank you for wonderful tips that are practical and effective ones, and milk of magnesia, well I was unaware of it, I used to take Ayurvedic ones. I would talk to my doctor now for it. Parita I must thank for your Canthridine Hair oil review, you know I got if for my brother and the hair has actually stopped falling, and all thanks to you. 🙂

  12. im regular with mutivit after delivery and also after reading rujuta divekar i learnt how essential it is 🙂
    agree with all the points

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