Top 9 Exercises to Get Slimmer, Well-Toned Arms

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Having well toned arms are absolutely important when you want to flaunt the sleeveless tops or off shoulder dresses. Women often complain of having flabby arms with sagging muscle, even when they are pretty slim. To get your arms back in shape, you need to have two targets- to reduce the fat and to tone up the muscles. Well, here are 9 best arm exercises that will help to reduce the flabby sagging arms and also make them firm and strong. The exercises will also help you to get stronger and toned shoulder and back which are added benefits. These are a mix of weight training, cardio, pilates and yoga. So you can either try all of them or choose a few according to your convenience.

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Weight training

1. Bicep Curl

As the name suggests, this exercise helps you t get a stronger bicep.
• Stand with your feet wide apart and hold two weights in the hands.
• Place hands wide apart too, just like your legs.
• Bend the elbow to bring the lower arm up towards the shoulder, with your palm facing the inner side.
• Hold for a few seconds and slowly lower the arm back to the starting position.

2. Overhead triceps extension

This exercise targets at shaping the triceps muscle.
• Sit or stand, holding one dumbbell with both hands
• Extend your arms up, over your head. The arms should be close to the ears and the dumbbell should be there.
• Bend the elbows and bring the dumbbell behind the head. Bend the dumbbell as far as possible so that it touches the back.
• Go back to the starting position, which is the arm straight over your head.

3. Dumbbell overhead press

tricep toning

This exercise helps to tone up the whole arm and also makes the shoulders stronger.
• Stand with the feet wide apart
• Hold two dumbbells in two hands
• Fold the arms at the elbow so that the dumbbells are placed just beside the shoulder. This is the beginning position.
• Now push the arms up and stretch it completely.
• Hold in this position for some time.
• Bring back the arms to the starting position.

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Bodyweight exercise

4. Diamond push up

• Kneel down just as you do for normal push up
• Bring your arms close together and form a diamond shape with the thumb and index finger
• Bend the elbows and bring the body close to the ground, keeping the back straight
• Straighten the arms to push back the upper body to the starting position.

5. Bench dips

bench dip

• Sit on a chair or bench and place your arms straight beside your butt
• Extend the legs straight in the front
• Lift your bottom from the bench or chair
• Bend your elbows and lower the butt towards the floor at the same time
• The arms will be behind your back and try your best to touch your butt on the floor.
• Use the arms again to push back to the sitting position on the chair.

6. Reverse grip bent over row

• Stand and put your right leg and in front of your left leg.
• Bend your right leg, keep your left leg straight and lean your upper body slightly forwards. Your left leg and upper body should form a straight line.
• Grasp a dumbbell in each hand near the knees with your palms facing up. This is your starting position.
• Pull your hands up towards your armpits and your upper arms up, squeezing your shoulder blades
• Slowly and with control, return to the starting position.

Pilates and Yoga

7. Upward dog


This is also called the vujangasana that tones up your arms along with making the spinal bone flexible.
• Lie face down on the floor
• Place your palms on the floor just beside the shoulder
• Now push up your upper body and keep the lower body (lower abdomen and below) anchored to the ground
• Hold the arch for some time and release slowly

8. Side plank

You have to repeat this in both sides to strengthen both the arms equally
• Lie down straight on the floor on any one side of the body.
• Push up the body side wise, using the arm at the bottom for support
• Push up till the ‘bottom-arm’ is stretched completely and hold for some time.
• Bend arm and go down to the starting position

9. Crow stands

The crow stand (a.k.a. the frog stand) is a classic pose found in yoga which helps to strengthen the core muscles along with the arms.
• From a crouching position, place both your knees on your upper arms with the soft part on the inner thigh resting just above your elbows.
• Start finding your balance by lifting one leg off the floor. Then bring your leg down and repeat with the other one.
• Once you have gained in confidence, lift both legs off the floor, and bring your center of gravity directly above your forearms.
• Try this initially for a few seconds and slowly try to do it for a minute.

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