Top Brands for Women’s Watches

Top Brands for Women’s Watches

As we all know, watches are a number one favorite for us women. We can never have enough and there are just too many brands and styles to choose from. Below are some more of the top women’s watches for 2010.

Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton watches
Most women know Louis Vuitton for there infamous gorgeous handbags, but check out these beautiful watches that Vuitton are very proud of. With funky new age looks, Vuitton are a watch brand any women should own.  

Mont Blanc

Mont Blanc watches
Often identified by their white star logo, Mont Blanc is a German manufacture of writing instruments, accessories and of course these beautiful watches.  Their watches range is a great blend of sport styles, causal and elegance, great for any occasion.


swatch watches
The more than popular Swatch watches is a brand name for a line of wrist watches from the Swatch Group. Beautiful, colorful, hand-crafted watches are what we see from time and time again with Swatch. The colors they produce for a watch are mind-blowing. These are just a few of there top designs.


Rolex watches
Voted one of the most valuable global brands, Rolex is also the largest single luxury watch brand. This brand oozes luxury, classy and sophistication.

Tag Heuer

Tag Heuer watches
Tag Heuer  are well known for their sport watches. As well as producing these beautiful watches, this label also produces glass and cell phones.  You can tell by these top watches of theirs the certain style Tag Heuer tend to go for.


Tissot watches
These beautiful unique style watches are the work by Tissot. Tissot has been known for years for its tactile, or “T-Touch,” technology; several new watches have touch-sensitive sapphire glasses and include compasses, barometers, altimeters and thermometers. They are absolutely stunning these watches!


Omega watches
Omega are yet another watch brand that oozes classiness and sophistication. They are more aimed at the mature women, yet also boost a lovely teen collection.


Piaget watches
Now these are some stunning watches.  Own three of these watches and love them. They have a huge vintage range which will truly blow any outfit out of the water. Swiss made and also has a wonderful range of gorgeous jewelry.


Breitling watches
Breitling love to boost their jewels and diamonds with their watches, this is a great watch for the special occasion and great with that little black dress. They love to drop small amounts of color in their watches but without over doing it.

Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe watches
Patek Philippe are all about vintage. But the new age vintage, especially this one of the pocket watch. They  make gorgeous women watches and is a must for every women’s jewelry box.

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