Top Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Top Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Another bridal post from me, this time its about the top bridal updo hairstyles.  These bridal updo hairstyles though seem more appropriate for Christian or white weddings, I am sure all brides can rock these hairstyles.  You can prettify your hairstyles with bling accessories, jewels, hair combs, and flowers.  You can ask your hairstylist to give you a few trial hairstyles a few days before the D-day and you can then choose which hairstyles would suit your face the best.  Another important tip that I have to give you is that do a trial check of all the products the hairstylist would be using in your hair – right from hair spray to hair serum.  Certain hair sprays and hair serums can give you headache and its better to find out whether they suit you rather than ending up with severe headache on your big day.  Also, just as you would prep your skin with all the bridal skin care routine, indulge in some hair therapy too so that your hair behaves well.  Do not go in for drastic hair colour change.  If you want to experiment with a hair cut, do so at least 2 months before your wedding.  If you suffer from hair fall, dandruff, etc., consult a doctor and take in the necessary vitamins.  All these measures are important if you want a great hairstyle with smooth and silky hair.  Those with curly hair would want to experiment with straight hair – Brazilian blowout, rebonding, permanent straightening are some options.  Keratin and texturizing treatments can be opted by all hair types.  Chemical straightening does take a few hours, so if you are thinking about that, pick a date at least 10 days before your wedding. Rounding up with the most important tip – hairstylists find it best to work with the hair that has been washed a day before, so if you are planning to wash it on the day of your nuptials, don’t, just do it the day before and you would have a happy hairstylist who would give you a great bridal hairstyle.


You can accessorize your hairstyle with bling accessories.

Romantic wedding hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle 2

Look how beautiful bling accessories look:

Bridal wedding hairstyle

Wedding Bling Hairstyle

Bridal hairstyle 4

Bridal hairstyle 5

Bridal Hairstyle 6

Taylor Swift sporting a sculpted hairdo.

Bridal Hairstyle 7

A Roman/Greek style bridal hairstyle.

Bridal hairstyle 8

Some more beautiful hairstyles:

Bridal Hairstyle 9

Bridal Hairstyle 10

Bridal Hairstyle 11

Bridal Hairstyle 12

Bridal Hairstyle 13

Bridal Hairstyle 14

Bridal Hairstyle 15

Bridal Hairstyle 16

Bridal Hairstyle 17

Bridal Hairstyle 18

Bridal Hairstyle 19

Bridal Hairstyle 20

Bridal Hairstyle 21

Bridal Hairstyle 22

Bridal Hairstyle 23

Bridal Hairstyle 24

Bridal Hairstyle 25

Bridal Hairstyle 26

Bridal Hairstyle 27

Bridal Hairstyle 28

Bridal Hairstyle 29

My favourite bridal hairstyle:

Braided Wedding bridal hairstyle

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